What Maddie’s Wearing – Sticky-Fudge

So lets be honest – a summer closet is made in winter right? Well if you ask me, Sticky-Fudge is onto something with their latest campaign giving us a taste of summer while still having winter options! So when Sticky-Fudge challenged me to put together two looks for Maddie combing their winter and summer goodies – I happily rose to the challenge!


Since its conception nearly seven years ago in Stellenbosch, Sticky-Fudge is Sticky-Fudge is sold in nearly 40 different countries around the globe including the world renowned fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan and Hong Kong. Again – why wouldn’t I want this brand in my daughter’s closet?

To me, Sticky-Fudge is one of those South African brands that are leaders in the industry! Classy, timeless and raw! They are a humble children’s wear brand that I couldn’t wait to get my Maddie in.

Can you imagine my excitement when our parcel arrived! I ordered four pieces of clothing;

The Cassidy Bottoms in Magnolia/Tea
Joey Top in white
Catherine Grower in French
Kitty tights in grey 

Sticky Fudge 1

I just adored dressing my little munchkin up in her new outfits from Sticky Fudge!


Dressing Maddie in Sticky-Fudge took me back to my childhood innocence of playing with dolls and dressing them up and dressing my daughter in their timeless with a slight vintage flair garments make me feel like I am dressing up my dolls again! Although their pieces take on the vintage ‘dolly’ feel – they are made in 100% cotton and allow free movement – making my daughter look like a porcelain doll but still allows her to be a baby – comfortable yet bold!


Each piece of their collection compliments the next allowing for versatility from one piece to the next allowing for endless combinations – making each look different from the next. The fabrics, prints and trim details are practical and functional yet bold and bright!


For more info on Sticky-Fudge visit www.stickyfudge.com or email info@sticky-fudge.com

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