What Maddie Loves – Lily ‘n Jack

Imagine my excitement when I received my parcel from Lily ‘n Jack, the designers and manufacturers of the award winning Baby Bath Apron and Snuggle Bunny and Blankie range! I had heard amazing things about the label and honestly couldn’t wait to test them out on Maddie.

In my parcel were five amazing products! First off I have to say the quality is AMAZING! Completely out of this world! The fabric of their blankets are incredible! Super soft and luxurious – how you would expect your baby’s blanket and teddies to feel.

I was delighted to have received two of their renowned snuggle blankies as Maddie had just stopped taking her dummy and I have heard Lily ‘n Jack’s snuggle blankies are the ultimate self-soothers to help calm and settle your little one! Seeing as though touch is the first means by which a baby can communicate with the world both their Snuggle Bunnies’ and Snuggle Blankies are soft and the luxurious feel stimulates a physiological and emotional responses in a baby and promotes healthy development and sleep. And let me tell you – Maddie took to her bunny and blankie instantly! She now sucks away at her blankie and covers her face with bunny’s ears! It is the cutest thing! They are the perfect size (40cm x 40cm) for little hands and feature a combination of Lily ‘n Jack’s signature style of the softest fleece blankies trimmed with silky satin.


To match her gorgeous snuggle blankies and snuggle bunny, Maddie got a beautiful cot blanket which is keeping her super cozy this Winter! This fleece blanket with satin trim is truly an investment purchase as I can see Maddie using this super comfy blanket for years! It is a true keepsake! You won’t find a softer comforter if you tried!


And for mom (yes… I am convinced it is for me!) – the bath apron!! This is a MUST HAVE! As a working mom who works many nights – I often have to bath my little princess before heading out and I am typically dressed and ready to go – only problem being I would typically get wet taking Maddie out the bath. Thanks to Lily ‘n Jack’s revolutionary baby bath apron I can stay completely dry while safely handling my baby during bath time cause lets be honest – it can be a slippery situation. Trying to lift Maddie out the bath while try holding a towel under my chin and trying to get her a wet shivering body around a towel whilst running to the compactum to lay her down to dry her off is not ideal!

This wearable hooded-towel allows you to have both hands free when lifting baby out of the bath whilst keeping you dry and protected from any unexpected mishaps… which happen often right! Maddie can be placed straight out of the bath onto my chest wrapped into the towel which has been pre-warmed by my body heat. Maddie and I are snug, warm and dry and the best thing is the towel is suitable from birth through to toddlerhood so again – another investment buy!


These pieces make the most beautiful baby shower gifts and are guaranteed to be a hit for both mom and baby! I am a massive fan of Lily ‘n Jack!


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