What Maddie’s Wearing – Made with Love Little Ones

Some of you might know the the name by the beautifully designed, comfortable and stylish garments for the modern woman by Cape Town designer Debbie-Lee Patterson. With the launch of Made with Love Little Ones her approach was no different – simply put her baby range is beautifully designed, with ultimate comfort in mind and it just shouts style!

As a mom who loves to dress her little girl up – and if you have been following my Monrobe plus size fashion looks – you will know that I LOVE prints, and this is no different when dressing up Maddie. The only problem is – with a print you typically need a plain – and finding plain in baby clothes particularly baby grows – your colour choices are limited! White, white and white? Where are the plain grey or black baby grows?

Thanks to Made with Love Little Ones my love of monochrome has been fifulled! Picture amazing prints with quirky graphic baby grows, the most luxurious texted rompers and style you wouldn’t ever imagine finding in baby wear… enter Made with Love Little Ones.

Four Made with Love Little Ones items, three looks…

Grey top wit floral detail: 

Paired with: 
Tights – Country Road
Headband – Little Love Jems

Monochrome baby grow: 

Paired with: 
White undervest – Woolworths
Headband – Pretty Little Things (Prettylittlethingsza@gmail.com)
Jelly cat from Hush Baby Boutique

Floral pants and bear baby onesie: 


Paired with: 
Faux fur gilet – MRP Kids
Shoes – Pick n Pay Clothing
Headband – Pretty Little Things

It is hard not to make this precious daughter of mine look absolutely adorable when dressing her up in Made With Love Little Ones! The quality is exceptional, from the cuts to the fit – I am their new biggest fan!


082 615 0850

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