What Maddie Loves – High Contrast Mobile Dangles

I must admit – I am one of those moms who love to invest in anything that promises to stimulate and educate my precious daughter. Since she was born I have been researching ways to stimulate her little brain and form those really strong cell connections in her brain. Her daddy is a rocket scientist so being a genius is in her genes! Haha!

When I came across Little Interiors on Instagram I drooled over their mobiles and steel frame. I didn’t think about a changing mat mobile at all when planning Maddie’s nursery.


I couldn’t wait to place my order and let me tell you – these precious little mobile dangles come in just about anything you think of so choosing just three for Maddie’s mobile was difficult! From the shape to the colour to the dimension to  with a bead and bell to no bead and bell – the choices are endless…

I chose to go with a 3D hot air balloon, a bunny and a cloud with little rain drops (Maddie’s favourite) all in black and white with a bell and a bead.


High contrasting colours stimulate your baby’s eyesight and aid in brain development in the early days. Using high contrasting shapes and patterns help calm and soothe a baby as well as increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity and stimulate the creation of brain cell connections. Research still shows that newborns prefer to look at black and white geometric shapes and this continues until they are six to nine months old.


These stunningly crafted dangles are designed to be used with their steel dangles play frame which can be tied on to your desired height and can be used for baby massage, nappy changes and play time… well to say it is a hit with my Maddie moo – is an understatement!


Oh and when you are placing your order throw in one of the LittleME hangers! How absolutely cute is this cloud hanger!


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