Monrobe Mommy Must Have – The Mummary

I have officially been breast feeding my precious daughter for just over five and a half weeks. With experience and having gotten to know my daughter and her feeds – I have finally become comfortable with breast feeding in public. I previously had a rather bright looking printed breast feeding cover which made my toes curl thinking about pulling it over my head and drawing attention to myself – being a young mom at the time I felt uncomfortable at the thought of having to get my boob out for my daughter to feed in public.

Five months later and one AMAZING breast feeding cover later and I am super comfortable feeding Maddie in public if need be. The Mummary‘s nursing cover is amazing. It is 100% premium cotton, lightweight and breathable – suitable to our hot climate (Maddie is a sweaty baby and in the past has come out of a cover with a wet head from sweating so much) and it has an adjustable strap with a buckle and a rigid neckline for mother-baby view.


It is a really nice size too – approximately 80cms by 65cms which can double as a light blanket in the pram or car seat. Yay for one less thing to pack in the nappy bag.

It has a terry-cloth pocket for breast pads, a dummy or to wipe milk spit ups which I thought was totally amazing! There isn’t anything The Mummary hasn’t thought of! It doesn’t come as a surprise since they have been designed, handmade and packed by local mothers… there is a reason their tag line is support in mothering…

The best part are the amazing fabrics and soft colours the cover comes in. It doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing a table cloth that screams ‘look at me’! At just R250 I honestly think this has to be one of the best quality and practical nursing cover I have come across to date!


As a breast feeding mom, I am constantly researching ways of increasing and keeping up my milk supply so I decided to give Nummies for Mummies berry nutty lactation granola a try. This 300g pack retails for R60 and is available on The Mummary website (so you can just add it to your cart when purchasing your nursing cover). I have personally tried to make my own granola a while back and if you have tried yourself you will know how expensive it can be to make a decent granola. The variety of nuts and fruit can be pricey so when considering this and having a look and taste of their lactation granola – it is real value for money.

Filled with wheat free rolled oats, assorted nuts, sesame seeds, lineseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, salt, vanilla extract, flaxseed, Brewer’s yeast (my saviour!), organic coconut oil and cranberries – the granola is super delicious with milk, yoghurt or even on its own as an on the go snack!


It has no artificial flavourings or refined sugar and it is preservative free. Its high in fibre and protein – perfect for the hunger breast feeding brings and aids in the production of that precious liquid gold!

When popping onto their website I came across their gift hampers for new moms filled with their nursing cover, gorgeous matching muslin blankets (which are to die for) and their granola or lactation cookie mix in a jar – all presented in a beautiful basket. I thought this would make the most beautiful gift for a baby shower! So incredibly beautiful – you have to check it out here!

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