What Maddie Loves – The Polka Dot

Maddie and I were recently chosen as brand reps for this really awesome baby and mom brand, The Polka Dot.

Beautiful and practical are two words I would use to describe this brand. Based online, The Polka Dot has the cutest baby goodies including bibs, headbands, bags and nursing shawls. Stylish yet classic…

We were sent a bundle of goodies to test drive to share our thoughts with you and we are so excited to share with you four awesome products off their online store!

Diaper clutch: 
When I was doing my baby registry I came across a bag organiser which I thought was the cleverest thing! Well after I got it as a gift and popped it into my nappy bag – well lets just say the organiser was the size of my nappy bag… It was big and bulky and I could literally fit a packet of nappies inside the organiser – not ideal! The Polka Dot diaper clutch is amazing! It truly is the perfect storage solution for nappies and wet wipes. Not only does it look like a stylish little clutch bag but it is super handy too – No need to carry around the whole nappy bag when popping into the mall – this little clutch is really all you need to grab and toss into the bottom of your pram. The little clutch fits nappies, wet wipes and bum cream – no more ruffling through the bag looking for the bum cream and the wet wipes while trying to hold Maddie still… its amazing! Plus its machine washable too!


The bib: 
These stylish little bibs are made from 100% pure cotton and lined with absorbable fabric. Stylish yet practical! I love the shape of their bibs and how it gathers around Maddie’s neck. Definitely one of my favourite bibs on the market! The ‘butterscotch’ bib is paired with their cute nude stretch headband with their signature button – I love how understated this headband is and the fact that it can go with pretty much any outfit! A big win!

The nursing shawl: 
This is the perfect all round cover for feeding Maddie. Definitely one of the most stylish and understated covers I own. Nothing about The Polka Dot’s nursing shawl says feeding cover. It could pass as a stylish little poncho so it is definitely suited to the new nursing mom who is a bit shy to feed in public and wants something more understated. The shawl simply goes over your head with the seam running along your shoulder and feed away!


Purchase details: 
Also avaiable from Hush Baby Boutique in Durban


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