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The Sleep House recently sent me a couple of products from Natural Lab to test out including the Natural Lab roll on deodorant. If you are new to my blog, I recently had my daughter Maddison whom I have been breast feeding for six months now. As a breastfeeding mom I am very aware of the products I use on my chest, neck, face, hands and arms – pretty much any area that Maddie comes into contact with. Before I had her – I would lather myself in any cream that smelt great and made me feel super moisturised. Now that I am nursing her I have realised that anything that comes into contact with Maddie’s delicate skin needs to be as natural as possible.

When I read up on Natural Lab’s products I got a little excited. With so much bad press about the ingredients most skincare products use, it is refreshing to come across a brand that has been developed with the sole task of developing natural safe-to-use products that leave you feeling fresh!

I haven’t come across a brand that as natural as Natural Lab is. Their roll-on deodorant for example is 100% natural, paraben free, no sodium lauryl sulphate, no petroleum ingredients, no artificial fragrances or colours. By using this roll on, you are essentially eliminating the use of chemicals on your sensitive lymph nodes. If Natural Lab’s roll-ons can still do the same work as regular roll-ons, but in a healthy way then this deodorant makes sense for breastfeeding mothers!

At just R50 this deodorant comes in two essential oil variants – aqua style and orange blossom and are both enriched with ‘caring’ ingredients that leave your under arms feeling fresh and clean.

I got to sample two other amazing products under the label including their SPF 30 Face Cream and their Natural Body Wash. Both products were amazing – the face cream is made with organic rooibos and aloe and is packed with antioxidant-rich SPF 30. Free of harmful ingredients, their face cream left me feeling protected against dangerous sun-rays that cause hyper-pigmentation while leaving my face with a light feeling of coverage. The couple of washes I got out of my sample of their body wash was amazing! By far my favourite body wash that I have come across. It felt like I was washing my body with natural goodness! I felt squeaky clean while smelling great and feeling fantastic! The fragrance is definitely worth a mention! Lemon grass… need I say more!

Thank you The Sleep House!

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All Natural Lab products are available from The Sleep House


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