What Maddie Loves – NurtureOne Nesting

I recently got sent the amazing Nurture One nesting cushion from The Sleep House which I have slowly been introducing Maddie into over the past couple of weeks.

Looking at the NurtureOne nesting cushion – you’d think it is just a pillow right? Wrong! It is so much more than that – it isn’t just a comfortable sleeping mattress – its a cotton cloud designed to be the ideal sensory environment for parents to easily transfer their settled baby out of their arms into their cot with ease while promoting development by allowing movement and self soothing to occur.


This amazing sleep aid allows me to easily put Maddie to sleep on her side without having to worry about her dangerously rolling over or landing up at the bottom of her crib. It provides her with a secure sleep environment the safe and the portable cushion snuggles and holds Maddie in place so that putting her down to sleep is easier. One of the things I love about the NurtureOne is the fact that yI can pick up both Maddie and the cushion, when I need to move her to another room or into her pram and even when we are away – so her familiar bed is with her.

Some of the benefits of the cushion include; assisting in sustaining a good sleeping pattern, reducing unnecessary stress, promoting containment and a sense of calmness, provides boundaries in bed while regulating body temperature and allowing a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib.

Another feature of the nesting that I love is the built in band for newborns which gives the sensation of the security they felt in the womb when they kick or move they feel resistance like when they were inside your womb.

Available in two sizes – the size 2 (75cm x 45cm) can fit inside the incubators in the hospital retail at R700 and the Size 3 (85xm x 50cm) goes for R750. Ridiculously affordable considering this cushion can be used well over a year! Pillow slips and wedges are also available for the nesting cushion for babies that like to sleep with his or her head elevated above the body, which according to OT’s is the best position for your baby to sleep.

The cushion can also be hand washed or put on a gentle wash in the washing machine which is incredibly handy if baby messes on it.

The NurtureOne nesting cushion comes highly recommended! Maddie always looks so snug and comfy on her cushion and sleeps like a bomb on it!

Purchase info:

Email lisa@thesleephouse.co.za
Visit @thesleephouse on Instagram or Facebook for more information

Maddie is wearing Doudou et Compagnie cherry rabbit rattle booties from Hush Baby Boutique
Snuggle Bunny from Lily n Jack


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2 thoughts on “What Maddie Loves – NurtureOne Nesting

  1. Hi Monique, I am torn between the Nurture One cushion and the Sleepypod. Could you perhaps help with making the decision easier. Obviously the price is a major difference. I need your honest mom opinion please!


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