Monrobe Mommy Must Haves – Babe Bee Part 2

Comfy Feeding Pillow


This nifty little feeding pillow has been a nappy bag must have! For on the go feeding – this pillow creates a comfortable place for Maddie to lay her head while breastfeeding or bottle feeding on the go – gently supporting her head and neck. Not only is it super comfy for Maddie but it also takes the strain off my arm while feeding – no more pins and needles in your numb arm! This convenient and simple soft padded pillow wraps around your arm with velcro and is so compact and can easily be carried around in Maddie’s nappy bag for use. At just R120 and available in a variety of cool prints and colours – this is a definite mommy must have!



Nummy Necklace


An accessory for both baby and mommy – a necklace for me and a teether for Maddie! The Babe Bee Nummy Necklace is so cute and stylish I often wear it even when I am not with Maddie for the day! Not only does the necklace provide a closer bonding experience between Maddie and I but it also enhances Maddie’s brain stimulation, coordination and sensory skills!
I have also found that when wearing the necklace while breastfeeding Maddie – it is the perfect distraction from pulling my hair, scratching and pinching me during feeds. The necklace is tangle-free with knots between each bead which are covered in a stretchy material – perfect for nibbling on to sooth itchy teething gums!  The necklace is fully adjustable to suit your preferred length with ties at the back. For the fashion conscious mom, these necklaces are available in various colours and is a fun addition to any outfit that baby will love!


Little Privacy Cover
Sometimes my little fashionista needs a little bit of privacy – away from the adoring crowds and over stimulation. Babe Bee’s Little Privacy cover gives Maddie a little time for her to just be. The cover fits over all carry car chairs and ties on the bar to keep it down to shelter your new baby or can be folded up to allow Maddie to see the world. The front of the cover can clip together underneath the chair so it does not flap in the wind. It comes highly recommended!


Tuck Bib


If your little one is anything like my Maddie than he or she is one messy eater! Before discovering Babe Bee’s tuck bibs any other bib would shift and food would get everywhere and stain her clothes – my worse – most bibs rarely stop food from getting on her collar -which is the hardest part of her clothes to wash! Traditional baby bibs, which are created to protect baby’s clothing, seemed to fall short in collar protection! Luckily for us moms – Babe Bee have thought about his and created the tuck bib! Hooray! The tuck bib has a water resistant inner flap that tucks into baby’s clothes, protecting the collar from stains and wetness. Basically it’s a bib that provides advanced collar protection so no more stained collars! tuck-bib-1

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Until next time… I cannot wait to share some more revolutionary baby goodies from BabeBee with you soon! Xx

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