Being Maddie’s Mom – Six things I have Learnt as a new mom

It honestly feels like just the other day that I found out I was expecting our little girl. I knew for a couple of months before my husband did that I was ready for a child. Brett and I had been together for seven years at the time and married for just over a year when we decided to start trying. Little did we know it would take less than a month for this precious little miracle to start growing in my belly. Looking back at all my fears and anxiety about the life adjustment and prospect of life changing – one thing I know for sure is that I definitely didn’t know what I was in for.

Now this would typically when the overly tired long time parents will tell you that you will never sleep again, be able to enjoy a (hot) cup of coffee again or have time to do your hair or even wear a necklace… no – I promised myself that when I became a mom that I wouldn’t be the Debbie-downer pointing out how hard being a parent is. I am, by nature a very positive person. I feel like life is hard enough not to find the light in any situation. So when I became a mom I chose to focus on all the amazing things I felt, experienced and loved about my daughter, becoming a mom and upgrading to becoming parents in our marriage. If I can be completely honest – all the ‘downsides’ or challenges people shared with me about becoming parents or a mom – well I didn’t experience any of them.

Lack of sleep – yeah it was tough but Maddie eventually slept through. You learn to get through on minimal sleep. Today I would rather spend the extra hour playing with her and my husband than having a nap when given the opportunity.

No me time – I get plenty when she goes down at night. Friday and Saturday nights are my ‘stay up until midnight scrapbooking’ night – it is the highlight of my week!

Less time for your husband – starting with two and becoming three has been the most amazing thing in our relationship. I feel like we love each other more now that we have our daughter. My husband still remains my number one because without him I can’t do what I do without him by my side.

Your world will revolve around your child – yes… but this isn’t a bad thing… Knowing I have this precious miracle to look after has inspired me to be a better person and become a person she will one day look up to.

Don’t get me wrong – parenting is tough, it really isn’t a walk in the park and there are days that I could really sit down in the corner and cry but those days are far in between when I actually sit back and look at this little life that gives me endless joy and happiness. I have never been more exhausted – physically and mentally before but at the same time – my husband and I have never been more happy in our lives and the fact that we get to raise this precious life and see what she makes of her life is so incredibly exciting!

In celebration of her six month birthday I decided to put together six things becoming a mom has taught me…

1. Sleep is overrated! 

Truth be told – I have never slept better in my entire life. I lost my mom at the age of 18 and have suffered with insomnia ever since and I have always envied my husband for his ability to fall asleep the second his head hits the pillow. Since having Maddie I can literally fall asleep within five minutes. I may be sleeping less but the sleep I do get is SOOO good!

2. Mommy friends are the best friends!

I have really made such incredible friends in this short six month journey of becoming a mom. It is incredible how you are drawn to other moms when you have a little one. The friends I have made from my antenatal class and other activities Maddie and I get up to like swimming lessons and Moms and Miracles are friends I can see us having for life!

3. I have never believed in God’s love and grace more in my entire love! 

I have always said – how could you not believe in God after having had a child grow inside of you… God has never failed me and I attribute my amazing child’s health and manner all to his great work. Partnering with him to become a mom and raising a child has been key in our lives and we cannot imagine doing it without him. My faith has never been stronger since having Maddie. Knowing her life is in his hands has given me a huge piece of mind.

4. I love and respect myself more intensely than I ever thought was possible.

Pregnancy was tough for me. I battled – okay I was pregnant and at my heaviest during the Summer months and I was petrified at the thought of child birth. We ended up having a c-section which was my first ever surgery and my first time staying in a hospital. After Maddie’s birth and when the pregnancy was ‘over’ as such I could help but look in the mirror and beam with pride! How could you not completely love and respect your body and yourself after growing an actual human life in your womb – inside your body! It’s impossible!

5. I am more in love with my husband than ever before! 

There is something about seeing your husband – the man you married love and adore the human life you both created out of love! The way he loves our daughter brings tears to my eyes – he is the best daddy to our girl and she is the centre of his motivation and determination to provide for his family. I have never loved him more!

6. Nothing comes second to the butterflies! 

The little smiles, the way she looks at me in the eyes, when she holds my finger in her hand, the laughter, the baby hugs, the babbling – no matter how sore my body is and how tired I feel – I live for the millions and trillions of butterflies I feel in my belly knowing I am her mom and my husband and I created her… This is something only a mom can relate to!



Maddie is wearing a custom made baby grow by Me 3 Design Hub Creative.
Headband – unknown.

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