Monrobe Mommy Must Have – Jelligumz

If your babe is anything like my seven month old, Maddie LOVE putting everything in her mouth, especially my necklaces! I have literally had to stop wearing most of my necklaces because Maddie tugs and pulls on them and of course – chews on them like crazy.

Jelligumz and their ‘chewellery’ came to our rescue! Not only are their super stylish and fashionable (happy stylish mom) they are the perfect accessory for moms with teething babies. Mom gets to wear jewellery while providing baby with something interesting to chew on (and they can tug really hard without breaking the necklace – trust me, Maddie has tried). Available in an array of gorgeous colours and shapes, these silicone jewels are the perfect wearable sensory processing tool that your little one can munch on. Or…. could just be worn…. for just because – they are that beautiful!

I have worn my three pieces of Jelligumz necklaces on a few occasions and it is honestly come in handy when Maddie has needed something to gnaw! They are BPA, PVC, phthalates,cadmium and lead free making it completely safe for Maddie to chomp on and can be sterilised in the same way as any bottle or dummy.

Purchase info: south Africa
Instagram: @Jelligumzsa


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