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The one thing, other than clothes of course, that I love buying Maddie is educational toys! I love watching her develop and learn through play. One of my favourite pass times is to stroll through Baby City and have a look at their toys. Lets just say Maddie’s toy box is over flowing!

The only problem is I often overwhelmed by the amount of toys on the market and what each toy is suppose to do for your child and if they are age appropriate. I am a new mom and I really don’t know what she should be learning at each stage. This is one of the many reasons I LOVE Poppet Post.


I don’t need to go to the shops, or over think my purchase or Google how to play with the toy or what it should be teaching her. Every second month an exciting box of fun, educational toys, books and activities tailored to  her age is delivered right to my door for just R349! Which means I don’t have to spend my precious time trying to come up with ideas and try gather up materials to provide her with quality play sessions.


Each box is filled with well-known branded, quality toys that are age appropriate and a little cardboard sheet is provided to explain to you how to play with each toy and why they are great for their little ones.

Maddie got sent Poppet Post‘s October box to test drive and we were blown away. Maddie literally couldn’t wait to open up her box and play with her new toys.

Each box has a new theme and this month’s was ‘On the Move’!

So here is what she got in her box:

VIGA Push Along Car
Push along toys aid in gross motor skill development. This little wooden car is designed so that it is easy to grasp and can be pushed by little fingers! Maddie has really enjoyed pushing her new toy along the ground and hearing it ride and clunk along the tiles.


Melissa and Doug Clacking Key Ring
This innovative toy engages Maddie instantly with the clicking and clacking nosies the key chain makes. The three keys are basic shapes in bright colours which link on and off the key chain and each ‘key’ fits into the keyhole. Great for fine motor skills and sensory development of sight and sound.


Shiny Drives Board Book
Board books with bright colours and sturdy pages are important for younger babies. Even though they cannot read or even understand you when you read to them, it is really worthwhile to read to them and introducing them to different sounds and tones of your voice while showing them the pictures also helps them develop their focus and eye sight.

Poppet Box‘s subscription boxes are available for ages 0-5 years old and come highly recommended! We cannot wait to get our December box of fun!

Purchase details: 

Until next time! Xx

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