I had the honour in playing a hand in organising what we like to call the ‘mamas’ of Instagram, to get together and meet each other. Together with the incredible @FollowingtheBean and @Little_Skylar_Jane we managed to get around 30 moms and their #InstaBabes at the same place, at the same time in one goal in mind… take plenty of pictures!

I know as a new mom myself there is nothing better than meeting other like minded moms who love and adore their children as much as I love and adore my Maddie. Now if you know me you’ll know I ALWAYS have my little compact Canon camera and I am ALWAYS taking pictures and documenting my little Maddie’s life. What I loved about our Insta Mama Meet is that all the moms who attended do the same! People who get you!

Instagram is such an amazing platform that I adore! Ever since I joined over five years ago, with the intention of doing what was the ‘norm’ on Instagram – taking pictures of your ‘lunch or dinner’ haha! But it quickly transformed into a platform I used to promote a message I felt and still do feel needs to be encouraged – and that is body positivity! As a plus size girl who grew out of her shell into a confident woman who could easily approach anybody and who has grown to love herself – every lump, bump and curve. Through plus size fashion I managed to make a name for myself and showcase fashion for all shapes and sizes. Of course I have now evolved into a mom, lets call me a plus size mom 🙂 and naturally my following has evolved and I have attracted a whole new market of moms through my ‘celebration’ of Maddie’s life. Instagram allows you to create the most amazing montage of memories and is such an awesome documentation of your baby’s life! Of course having amazing brands back me up has been amazing and I am continuously in awe of God’s provision in our lives. At the end of the day I am just a mom, who loves her life, her body and her baby and this is @Mondevilliers89…

Along the way I have met some really amazing moms who I feel are like family… like I have known them for the longest time. They are supportive, inspiring and always offer words on encouragement. I love being a part of this community and it was a true honour to have spent two hours with a handful of them today at the foot of Moses Mabhida Stadium. As far as we know this was the very first Instagram mommy meet up to ever have happened in South Africa – how awesome! We had a couple of great local brands join us including Schnooky Pie, Totem Teepee, Two Peas and a Peanut as well as Snoozzz Sleep Gear.

To all the moms who joined Maddie and I today and for all the moms nation wide who are friends of ours – thank you for your support, love and encouragement.

Here are a couple of my favourite pics from today’s Insta Mama Meet:

We will be planning another Insta Mama Meet early next year so keep an eye on our page for more information.

Until next time! Xx

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One thought on “#InstMamaMeet

  1. It was such a lovely day! It was wonderful getting to meet you and Maddie! I was sorry I did not introduce myself to your husband, very rude of me, sorry, was too busy making sure Skylar did not run off or drink all the bottles 🙂 Maddie is sooo cute! Like really those cheeks are legit. Cant wait for the next one.


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