What Maddie’s Wearing – Penny Lane

I cannot tell you how much I am loving Maddie’s brand new teepee! I have it set up in her room and it has become her little play corner in which she sits in and plays to her little heart’s content. The best part is I know that the older she gets the more she is going to love it. Think story time with dad, ‘camping’ outside, playing dolls out on the lawn. It really is an investment purchase!

Ever since getting our teepee last month I have been waiting to take it out to set up in our garden and photograph Maddie playing in it and I was so glad when the sun finally decided to play his part. (If you aren’t in Durban – let me fill you in – almost every weekend it has been raining or storming for the past month!)

Dressed in a brand we adore! Penny Lane, a proudly South African lifestyle brand for the modern mom and child which sell the most beautiful baby clothing! I was first of all blown away at their style and cuts of their garments but also the quality and workmanship is amazing! Pure quality!

I am MAD about bloomers! Maybe it’s because of Maddie’s adorable chubby thighs or how cute her little bottom looks in them but YES I am planning on dressing Maddie in plenty of bloomers this Summer!

This floral print is so feminine and gorgeous! Paired with a matching bonnet – oh my gosh! Can you handle? This bonnet doesn’t only look so adorable but it is also super practical in that it provides a lot of coverage over the neck, face and head preventing any sun damage on a hot Summer’s day. I am in love!

What do you think of this ensemble?

Maddie got sent a set of YAY blocks from the amazing mom and daughter team who create these amazing wooden blocks. Not only are they super cute and a decor item in itself but they are educational too! Teaching kids how to construct an object / animal on one side – the other side has numbers teaching kids how to count and put numbers in order. They are so adorable!

Outfit – Penny Lane
Camera, bunny money box and plush bear by LaFede
Teepee – Totem Teepee
Blocks – Yay Kids

Purchase details: 
Penny Lane: ola@thepennylane.co.za
Yay Kids: yaykidsproducts@gmail.com
Totem Teepee: jeeves@iafrica.com
LaFede: www.lafede.co.za

Until next time! Xx

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