What Maddie’s Wearing Lily James Cloth Nappies

I can recall my mom telling me about a friend she had when I was a baby who used cloth nappies on her baby and how she always stank. This story stuck out when I found out I was pregnant with Maddie and the thought of using cloth nappies was on my ‘no no’ list. It was only after a friend of mine from my antenatal group started using the totally modern cloth nappies on her little guy did I raise an eyebrow at the thought of possibly using them.


When I thought of cloth nappies I use to think of a towelling nappy. A hard white towel you had to tie with those special tie things. Yeah – not so glamorous! Fast forward and today we have amazing modern cloth nappies which has grown drastically in popularity! Think easy to wash and dry, and can be used from newborn to toddler. The first thing I think is – wow that is quite a saving right? I mean a box of nappies cost over R300 and you go through a box a month. BUT the advantages of using cloth nappies exceed just the cost factor! Lily James Clothing give these reasons on their website for using cloth nappies:

  • Modern cloth nappies contain no harmful chemicals or plastics which means they are great for sensitive bottoms. It’s a la natural and you can even find organic cloth nappies that are made out of cotton or bamboo.
  • Modern cloth nappies have less of an impact on the environment than disposables.
  • You have the freedom to choose from a variety of stylish modern cloth nappies.
  • Modern cloth nappies are said to prevent nappy rash.
  • Modern cloth nappies come in a variety of colours and designs so can be considered more aesthetically pleasing.

Although in the long run, you will save a lot of money using cloth nappies for the duration of your child’s nappy wearing years, the initial cost of setting up your cloth nappy supply is costly. One of the awesome things to remember is the majority of the reusable nappies you will buy are one size fits most so they will truly last throughout your child’s nappy wearing years plus you can save them for your next child/children to use.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on two different styles of WAHM Hybrid nappies that Lily James stock, (they are the Johannesburg agent for BiddyKins Cloth Nappies) for me to test drive on Maddie and I throughly enjoyed the new experience.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what I gathered from using the reusables:

I used a hybrid nappy which is a fitted diaper that has a hidden body layer of polar fleece, sandwiched between the outer print and the inner knit. This layer of poly fleece helps the nappy to be more effective. A fleece liner is inserted to catch the poop which can all be washed and reused.

The denim floral nappy is a fitted nappy while the Star Wars ‘storm pooper‘ nappy (my husband is a BIG fan of Star Wars!) is called a fold down rise which has snaps which can be folded in the front for a snugger fit. As a newbie cloth nappy user I thought it would be a mission but after a week or two I got used to it and it became the norm. To put it simply – cloth nappies are so easy! I just stored the soiled nappies in a dry bucket until I washed them with and did an extra rinse on my washing machine cycle and they are as good as new! No smelly Maddie in between changes or after washing the nappies.

Other than the cost factor – it is also super eco friendly! You cannot help but think of the landfills and how you are making a small impact in the collection of disposables.

I personally enjoyed the denim floral nappy – that print!! – because of the snug fit! Maddie looked so amazingly cute in it! I felt like she could just wear her nappy and nothing else because they are that cute!

Lily James have the cutest prints and personalised nappies including Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Mickey Mouse and Snoopy as well as cute prints like polka dots, stars, hearts and stripes. Check out their range by clicking here!

I would definitely consider investing in a small collection of cloth nappies to exclusively use the reusables. It is a big cost to initially layout but I can defiantly see the return!

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