What Maddie Loves – B.Box for Kids

It isn’t often that you come across a brand that is so passionate about creating fun and functional products that not only makes your life as a parent a little easier but also has a hint of cool in it! This sums up B.Box to the tee.

We were lucky enough to choose a few their products to test drive and over a couple of weeks over the Christmas holidays. It was our first Christmas holiday as parents which we found a little hectic with juggling full days at the pool, doing Christmas shopping, seeing family and packing meals and snacks for Maddie –  so it was the perfect time to give these awesome new products a try.

Here’s what we got our hands on:

Sippy cup 
When Maddie started drinking water we bought her a sippy cup from our local baby store which had a large flat and hard teat – needless to say she hated it and didn’t want to drink any water! At the time we were convinced that she didn’t like drinking water – that was until we tried the multi award winning B.Box sippy cup. It is the perfect cup to use at home or on the go and features an innovative weighted straw which allows Maddie to drink at any angle – even lying down and it is spill proof. The 240ml cup which features a a flip top lid has easy to grip handles which is the ideal transition from bottle to cup. Maddie adores her sippy cup and drinks a bottle of water a day in the heat of Summer! It has truly changed our lives! The colours are also worth a mention! Pineapple, blueberry, raspberry and grape! Did I mention they are super cool?


Bowl & Straw
This has to be my favourite product! It is so innovative and properly Maddie’s favourite new ‘toy’ cause meal time is fun! This awesome product comes boxed with a bowl with handles, a straw and clip which attaches to the bowl, a lid and a snack insert so it truly is a multi-functional three in one bowl. The removable straw makes meals fun to drink/eat soup or cereal – who wants to be spoon fed their yoghurt when they can sip it through a straw! The large handles on the side of the bowl encourages independence while the non-slip base keeps the bowl on the table if the child is being spoon fed. A lid allows for storage while the snack insert transforms the bowl into an on the go snack holder.


Snack pack
This is a great product to have while on the go, especially for those finger food snacks! The B.Box snack pack is a duo bowl storage container with two compartments sealing each separately allowing you to serve different foods in one container. The lid has storage space for the soft tip spoon which, much like the B.Box spoons are gentle on the gums.

Flexible silicone spoons 
These have to be the BEST spoons on the market! I wish this had been Maddie’s first feeding spoon! This large flexible spoon is soft and bendable yet such good quality! I love everything about this spoon. From the bright colours to the feel of the spoon – they come with a huge thumbs up from me!

Diaper wallet 
I love multi functional products that just make your life as a mom, so much easier! This is one ‘must have’ product for travelling and on the go parents who want to save space in their nappy bag and simply want to simplify their lives. The B.Box diaper wallet is a lunch box sized box with a unique refillable built-in wipes compartment with dual wipes access. Wipes can be accessed inside when it’s change time, or if you need to quickly clean little fingers, you can grab a wipe from the external hatch. With one small press the diaper wallet opens up to a pretty funky floral wipe clean change mat which also has storage for two disposable nappies. Everything you need for a quick nappy change in one clever little box. A must for very nappy bag!

This innovative Australian designed brand is focused primarily on feeding and nappy changing, both in the home and for travel as well as on the go. All their products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free so they’re safe for our kids and the environment.

We love B.Box so much we will be trying out some more of their awesome products so keep an eye on our blog for more amazing products to be featured soon!

Purchase info: 
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