Monrobe Must Have – Mini Me Memorables

It isn’t often a delivery arrives for Maddie and Brett, my husband is super excited about it! When we placed our order with Mini Me Memorables, he literally commented every day until the delivery came to our door about how he cannot wait to receive our order.

When I came across this awesome website which allows you to create mini lego figurines of your friends, family, partner or yourself – I knew this would be a hit with my lego-crazy husband!

The challenge was on when we sat down in-front of my computer to design our little or should I say mini family. Made from 100% original brand new lego, you have an inventory of over 1000 lego mini figure parts to create the perfect mini-me. With hundreds of different and rare torsos, heads, legs, hair pieces and basically any accessory you can think of.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.40.35 PM.png

You may think siving through over 1000 pieces would be totally over whelming – no, the guys at Mini Me have categorised all their items and each item has a description for your convenience! Making it so much fun!


We had so much fun selecting each one of our families body parts to perfectly replicate ourselves. We shared a couple of giggles and had to be creative in what we think our little Maddie will look like when she has hair 🙂


Once our little figurines were complete and we chose accessories which complemented our lifestyles – A laptop and cup of coffee for my software developer husband, a smartphone and a camera for me – the journalist and a teddy and bottle for our little baby, Maddie – we finished off our proud new possessions with a plexiglas acrylic stand with personalised text and font where we decided to insert our names. Only fitting for our new ‘family portrait’ which now sits pretty on their display stands (which are 52mm wide x 74mm high) in our lounge display cabinet. And our little fur babies – Minx and Sox need a mention – how sweet!

There is also an option of selecting a magnetic spring stand, a basic lego figure stand (below), a jumper stand or even a keyring holder to carry around with you on your car keys. The options are endless!

Our figurines came beautifully put together, neatly in the cutest little branded containers wrapped in bubble wrap which are also great to keep them safe in should we wish to pack them away for whatever reason. I know my husband has used his to take to work to show his colleagues! Brett’s is by far the truest representation – keep an eye on my Instagram page to see him next to his figurine! It is hilarious!


We are so chuffed with our new lego family! It is such a novel idea that would make such a special gift – be it a birthday gift where you can leave a personalised message on one of the plexiglass stands, a wedding gift or decorations (think cake toppers!), corporate gifts for your company or even your boss – a realistic or unappealing version for a good laugh or a gift for whatever! It’s the perfect gift for that one person who has everything and you have no idea what to buy them!

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