What Maddie Loves – Sleepyhead & Lil Me Mobiles

Maddie’s room has had a few new additions over the last month or so and I am so excited to share some amazing products we have managed to get our hands on.

Sleepyhead GRAND

Maddie got upgraded from her Sleepyhead Deluxe which she slept in from around six weeks (a product I wished to have from birth) until 10 months, and is now in her stage two pod – a brand new stylish ‘Mod Pod’ Sleepyhead Grand which she will be in until 36 months!

If you are a regular follower of ours you will know that we will go to the grave praising the award winning European made, Sleepyhead. Maddie absolutely adores her Sleepyhead and I can promise you – it will probably be the first thing we’d run out of the house with if our house was on fire. Maddie refuses to sleep on anything other than her Sleepyhead! She’s a Sleepyhead snob! Jokes aside – Maddie sleeps like a dream in her Sleepyhead – it is her safe haven where she feels the safest all snug and securely tucked away.

She has since outgrown her Deluxe pod (read my review here) and has now gone into her Grand pod which she will sleep safe and snug in until she is three. This pod is slightly more pricey than the Deluxe pod but when you consider that it lasts them over two years – it is money well spent and money I wouldn’t think twice about spending after experiencing this product.

The transition from the smaller pod into her larger pod (which measures 600 mm wide x 1000-1200 mm long) was an easy one – it is so nice to see Maddie looking a lot more comfortable with a lot more space around her to toss and turn in while sleeping in her Grand pod.

I love that it is large enough to fit snug into her cot which means no bumpers or extra padding is required around the cot while the pod is small enough to cuddle Maddie making her feel safe and mimics ‘held’ by her mommy or daddy. It is ideal for bed transitioning with built-in, air-permeable bumpers that act as bed rails, allowing Maddie to settle more easily in a bigger bed. Putting her to sleep in her Sleepyhead always gives us the piece of mind that she won’t fall asleep in an awkward position or at the other end of the cot. In terms of sizing – the Grand is a lot bigger than the Deluxe but it is still small and light enough (only 2400 g heavy) to be portable and fits perfectly in the boot for those weekend aways or nights at granny’s!

One of my absolute favourite things about owning a Sleepyhead is that no matter where we are – Maddie’s sleep environment will always be the same if her Sleepyhead is taken with us.  I also love that its a multi-functional product that can be used for sleeping, cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between!

On another note – this beautiful print deserves a mention! Ever since receiving our gorgeous new monochrome cot sheet and pillow case from Baby Couture – I am LOVING the monochrome look! And how perfectly does our new ‘Mod Pod’ Sleepyhead fit into the look? I think this print is absolutely timeless and since it will be lasting her until three-years-old – it definitely won’t age as Maddie gets older. And if I choose to go with another colour theme or get bored with the print – Sleepyheads sell all of their covers separately too!

We are MASSIVE Sleepyhead fans!

Lil Me Mobiles

There isn’t anything more special than receiving a product you can see how much love and work has gone into it. This gorgeous personalised mobile from Lil Me Mobiles simply took my breath away!

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and he proudly dresses her in Star Wars clothes and swears that one day she will watch all the Star Wars movies with him… When I thought about receiving a mobile from Lil Me Mobiles I went through their Facebook page and came across the most amazing super hero creations and I thought surprising my husband with a Star Wars mobile for Maddie would be amazing! 

Needless to say – he was blown away! My pictures don’t do this creation justice! The attention to detail of these Star Wars characters is truly a form of art! Darth Vader, Yoda and the other characters are true replicas!

It is safe to say there isn’t a mobile Lil Me Mobiles cannot make after witnessing first hand what they are capable of creating!

Cot sheet – Baby Couture
Sleeping pod – Sleepyhead GRAND
Mobile – Lil Me Mobiles
Wall decals – Bokaloli Baby Range
Fleece blanket – Lily n Jack

Babygrow – Little Willow


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