What Maddie Loves – YBIKE Pewi

It is so hard to believe our little girl is already standing unaided and has taken her first few steps. The awesome guys at YBIKE sent us their Pewi model just in time to aid our little princess in learning how to coordinate those little feet and get her walking.

If you haven’t seen the YBIKE range – do yourself a favour and go check out their website. Their high quality products promote physical activity in kids to encourage development and independence through play and aim to challenge our little ones, encouraging the development of the gross motor-skills needed to start walking or riding a bicycle.

The Pewi is suitable for babies as young as nine-months-old and what makes it a really great investment buy is it lasts them until they are three-years-old in it being a multi-functional walking and ride-on hybrid.

The fun and spunky design is what truly sets this ride-on apart from anything alike. The ‘steering’ wheel is great for their little hands to grip providing support for them to build the strength and confidence needed to start walking on their own. I feel like Maddie has learnt a lot about being the one in control of her bike and has helped her build confidence in adventuring off on the bike helping her feel safer and more secure as she is in control of her own actions.

Encouraging balance, the YBIKE teaches kids vital coordination and steering skills. The little Pewi that Maddie has been using over the past four months has truly allowed her to develop these skills at their own pace and encouraged her to move towards bike-riding skills as she became more able and confident.

One of my favourite features is the castors are multi directional so I don’t need to run after Maddie ensuring she doesn’t ride into a wall and come to a stand still like I have found most walkers to do.

The ride-on also promotes important motor skills development such as balance, coordination and body in space awareness and is really great for their development. On a side note this little bike is so light and easy to pop into the boot of my car – so it has been super easy to carry around for Maddie.

Here are a couple of pics of Maddie enjoying her Pewi:

Purchase info: 
Sold at Sportsmans Warehouse and Toys R Us


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