What Maddie’s Wearing – Amber Gems

I must admit, I have never liked the look of amber teething necklaces and vowed never to put one one my child until she actually started teething and my motherly instinct kicked in to try and help her and so whatever I possibly could to help her through the horrible pain of cutting teeth.

So when I came across Durban based Amber gems and jewels company, Ambre, I thought I would give their teething necklaces a go and hell – try one myself!

First off, what is baltic amber and how does it work?
From my understanding Amber is an organic gem material (a product of living organisms and biological processes) that formed millions of years ago, when sap from ancient trees hardened and fossilised.

Countries like Europe have used this material in natural medicines and remedies believing that sunlight and warmth boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. These gems have been worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief used to promote fast healing and to boost the body’s own immune system. Amber has been reported to relieve so many ailments.


So how does this work for teething babies? 
Amber reduces inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach and has healing properties in helping fight off infections and respiratory diseases. Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin calms a baby without resorting to drugs and chemicals in medicines. The organic, natural pain relieving properties of Baltic amber help soothe teething babies.

Studies have shown that wearing Amber include:

  • A natural anti-inflammatory reducing inflammation in ailments
  • It acts as a calmative
  • It is a natural aid in pain relieving
  • It is believed to help with inflamed gums experienced with teething babies
  • Anti-pyretic – helping in reducing high fevers


But what about safety?
These Amber teething necklaces and bracelets are made from natural Baltic amber, put together with quality silk thread and knotted after every individual amber bead, so that even in the unlikely event of the thread being torn, there is minimum risk of choking. What I personally love about the necklace is the necklace’s ‘pop’ clasps which acts as a tension-release mechanism which has been designed to open in the event of tension, tugging or pulling on the necklace.

So does it work? 
Maddie has been an excellent teether. I started using her necklace in February this year so it has been a good three months and four five teeth later and she has been an absolute angel in the fact that she has hardly fussed about her teeth! I generally keep the necklace on during the night and not so much during the day and I have seen the benefit of using the necklace.

I personally have been wearing my necklace to test if it would have any ‘healing’ properties on me and the migraines I often suffer with and I have also seen a huge improvement. I don’t get as many headaches as I usually get and if I do get a headache it isn’t as bad as I have experienced them to be in the past.

The best thing about these jewels is that they are historic and a true witness of life dating back in time unimaginable! To continue this precious timepiece, I can keep our Amber jewellery as a family heirloom for Maddie to one day give her daughter to use.

So to end off, my opinion of Amber teething necklaces has been debunked and I am convinced! They work and they are beautiful! I think Maddie looks gorgeous in her little necklace!


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