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I had the opportunity to test out Celltone Skin Care’s luxury pamper pack along with their snail extract gel, sunscreen, Xtra Hydrating Treatment and tissue oil over the past couple of months and I am really excited to be sharing my thoughts on the range with you.

For those of you have never heard of Celltone Skin Care, they are the skin care innovators behind Snail Gel, and have recently released their sun care range (which doubles as a primer too, not only protecting your skin from harmful sun rays, but being good for it as well) as well as a spot control range for problematic skin types of any age.

Having suffered from terrible acne in my teen years and into my early twenties, I have always battled with my skin. I have tried most products on the market but I have found that purchasing a full range of products from the cleanser to the toner to the exfoliator can cost a small fortune! Often these range has to purchased individually which can add up and you often find yourself cutting out a product or two to save on costs and an area of your skin suffers from it.

Although you don’t necessarily need the full range, it is good to test them out and see what works for you.

What I absolutely love about the Celltone Skin Care luxury Pamper pack is the fact that this nifty box has their entire six step range of products which includes; the facial wash, exfoliator, cleanser, toner, mask and SPF 15 moisturiser – best part is they are all travel sized so the whole range can literally pop into the cosmetic bag it comes in for that business trip away!

Conveniently labeled and colour coded, each bottle is a generous 50ml pump bottle, except for the exfoliator and are true quality bottles that gives it a luxurious feel.

I tested out the six step routine over the last month and a bit and here are my thoughts on each product along with info about each product:

1 – Facial wash: 
Acting as a pre-cleanse facial wash, I haven’t used a facial wash in this class that has felt like a two in one moisturiser and facial wash. This gentle foaming water-soluble wash removed my make-up, oil and debris with ease. My skin instantly felt healthier, smoother and ready for the rest of the range and all that they have to offer in terms of soothing extracts and beneficial vitamins my skin so desperately needs.

2 – Exfoliator:
I used this invigorating exfoliator twice a week which helped unclog my pores and remove dead skin cells, reduce redness, blackheads and breakouts. Creamy in texture the exfoliator contains smooth bamboo exfoliating particles that gently removes the build up without scratching and damaging the skin.

3 – Cleanser: 
I have found that foaming cleansers often leave your skin feeling stripped and dry. Celltone’s cleanser is a non-foaming lotion than is formulated to be mild on the skin while removing dirt, make up and sunblock while leaving the skin moisturised.


4 – Toner: 
This alcohol free facial toner contains vital skin repairing ingredients in its high levels of pure rose water. Often toners leave your skin feeling red and inflamed before stripping away the last traces of make up and cleanser but I found this toner to to calming on my skin.

5 – Mask 
My favourite product of the range – their mask! I used this mask once a week and found it really hydrating! I personally suffer from dehydration around my nose and forehead and often have dry flakey skin. This was an absolute pamper of pure indulgence. From the scent of the mask to the high levels of collagen to fight the wrinkles and sagging skin dehydration causes the skin, the mask also contains Keratin and Elastin to assist the skin in anti-ageing.

6 –  SPF 15 Moisturiser 
Moisturising is probably my least favourite step in skincare – even though I know its so vitally important. I just hate the feeling of cream on my face and then having to put make up over my moisturised face. I found Celltone’s SPF 15 moisturiser was light on my skin while still proving the protection I need against the free radicals I encounter on a daily basis. Applied twice daily, the moisturiser is enriched with Argan Oil and left my skin feeling smoother and more radiant while protecting me against harmful UV rays.


A few of the other products outside of the pamper pack included: 

Tissue Oil: 
My best friend since falling pregnant with Maddie and now as a new mom. Tissue oil is amazing and Celltone’s tissue oil is no different. Promising five times more hydration, it’s non-greasy and left my skin glowing while nourishing my skin and providing an all day hydration. Helping to reduce the stretch marks I got during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I popped Celltone’s Tissue Oil in my bath, as an after-sun soother as well as as an after shower moisturiser. This is a product everyone needs to use!

Snail Extract Gel: 
At first I thought WHAT?! Snail extract? After reading the box, the gel has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots after 14 days of continued use, reduce the appearance of stretch marks after eight weeks of continued use and reduce the appearance of wrinkles after 28 days of continued use. So basically – it’s magic gel! I enjoyed using this product on my belly and breasts to treat my stretch marks.

Xtra Hydrating Treatment: 
Formulated for dry and very dry skin, Celltone’s hydrating treatment left my skin feeling moisturised a good part of the full day. It is probably one of the best barrier creams I have used plus it has an SPF 15 built in and I used it on my face and body. Containing soothing BCA blend of Bisabalol, Calendula and Allantoin which are known for their soothing qualities – this treatment assisted in relieving the discomfort I have experienced from dry skin in the past.

Sunscreen SPF 50: 
I love the fact that Celltone have formulated their sunscreen for acne prone skin. I have found sunscreens to irritate my skin and aggravate my acne in the past. This SPF 50 sunscreen is UVA and UVB protected and has a non-whitening formulation which I LOVE! It is an all round great sunscreen!


As a whole – it’s a great range of products that work well together. I didn’t experience any skin irritation or discomfort from the range. The range looks amazing, the bottle are quality and the best part of the range is that it is totally affordable! The Luxury Pamper Pack retails for R500. I haven’t come across a six piece full range of skin care products for R500. I look forward to continue using these products until their last pump and trying out more of their specialised products to treat more specific areas of concern. I highly recommend their range for those who don’t really have a skin care routine but want to start giving their skin the treatment it needs to assist it in ageing well and receiving the moisture, protection and nutrients it needs

Purchase info: 
Available at Clicks and Game stores nationwide


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