What Maddie Loves – Little Black Ant Mermaid Doll

What little girl doesn’t want to own her own little mermaid rag doll?

I have fond memories of owning my own little rag doll – well she wasn’t so little – she was almost life size but as she grew older – she became as flat as a pancake because she went everywhere with me! I even slept with her in my bed, holding her tight. I was so excited to get Maddie her own little handmade doll from Little Black Ant, that she too could take everywhere with her!

For those of you who have never heard of Antonella and her beautiful handmade dolls and crazy doll making skills, Little Black Ant is a gorgeous range of handmade, limited edition, multicultural, rag dolls and soft toys, inspired by and for the beautiful and colourful people of South Africa. Antonella started over six years ago when she made a doll for her son and a friend and soon realised that there was a great demand for dolls that both moms and babes could relate to. Dabbling in real authentic dolls with different hair colours and skin tones, Antonella loves the fact that her dolls allow moms and their babes to learn about the world through creative play with her soft huggable dolls.

With a love of fabrics and textures, Antonella is constantly inspired by fashion, kids fashion and the multicultural world that we live in to create her next doll.

What I personally love about Little Black Ant Dolls is the fact that these creations have a sense of an old fashioned rag doll mixed with modern day fabrics and fashion giving it a fresh and youthful feel!

I adore prints and feel that Antonella’s gorgeous dolls truly bring out joy, smiles and laughter to those who play with her creations, young and old.

Maddie’s sweet little mermaid with long brown wool felt hair is just the cutest little creation with her daisy hair clips, pink bikini top and floral mermaid tail. She is so huggable and lovable and she hasn’t left Maddie’s side since we received her.

The quality and workmanship of this creation is exquisite and I have a feeling Maddie will be playing with her mermaid well into her childhood!

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