What Maddie Loves – Lets Learn Toys

One of my favourite pass times as a new mom is to browse through online stores to view the latest educational toys on the market and particularly wooden toys as they feel so old school and you know that they are made to last.

I came across Lets Learn Toys on Instagram a couple of months ago and fell in love with their offering. Not only do they stock amazing superior quality and internationally acclaimed products and brands to the South African market, they believe in the importance of skill development of all ages through the medium of play. They speak my language!

What I love most about their website is the fact that they categorise all of their toys in age categories which makes it so much easier selecting age appropriate toys.

One of the awesome brands they stock is Hape, a brand I have had my eye on for a while when researching toys for Maddie’s new stage of development and I was so excited to get my hands on these two amazing toys that Maddie has spent the past couple of weeks playing with:

Hape ‘At the Zoo’ knob puzzle


Just short of an A4 page in size, this compact little puzzle is big enough to visually stimulate while being practical enough in terms of size for small hands.

The colourful chunky puzzle pieces all have a solid knob allowing Maddie to pincer grip each piece with ease while exposing a silhouette of the zoo animal under each piece. Not only is this a great toy for problem solving, it promotes, develops and improves fine motor skills.

It is also a great interactive toy which allows me as the parent to speak to her about each piece telling her about their sounds, colour, size etc and in time asking her questions like; what sounds do they make? which is bigger? which is taller? and which roars?

At just R90 – this is a steal!
Purchase it here!

Hape Butterfly 

A great unisex toy, the Hape butterfly ‘walker’ promotes physical abilities through play and encourages co-ordination. With a gentle push or pull gest this butterfly’s wings fluttering and gets Maddie pushing and pulling in amazement. Maddie has just started taking her first few steps so she is a little too young for this one but sits on a chair or on the floor and pushes it with gusto understanding the cause and effect of this clever little toy.


Purchase it here!

Purchase info:
Take a look at the Lets Learn Toys website for more information on these products as well as to see the other amazing products on offer: www.letslearntoys.co.za


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