What Maddie Loves – Ben Rabbit

We have been incredibly lucky with Maddie’s skin sensitivity since she was born. She doesn’t easily react to lotions, powers or anything new to her skin. The only time we really see a bad nappy rash is when she is cutting teeth. She recently cut her top two teeth and we saw the worst nappy rash to date. It worsened and worsened in front of our eyes and our ‘loyal’ bum cream failed us. That was when I looked at the bottle and thought to myself – I need something that is all natural with no nasty chemicals that is going to keep my favourite little bum free of this pain and discomfort again! Ben Rabbit to the rescue!

It is no wonder Ben Rabbit claim to be ‘for little people’! This Cape Town based company make baby and toddler products and they make them WELL! I came across them on my favourite Cape Town mommy blogger’s Instagram page – Chenel of Raising Little James and had to give it a try!

I am so excited to share three of their amazing products with you:


Baby Bum Balm
Beautifully packaged, Ben Rabbit’s baby bum balm is the ultimate bum balm! Available in both a compact 10ml which fits perfectly into your nappy bag as well as a cool 125ml for those home nappy changes. Made from natural ingredients including beeswax, olive oil, sweet almond oil and roman chamomile, with no nasty chemicals this balm is the perfect moisture protection to rub onto your baby’s bottom and to help soothe baby’s sensitive skin. The balm feels so beautiful on your fingers and lathers into the skin so beautifully – it isn’t overly fragrance so you truly do feel so great about lathering it onto your baby’s skin. I have been using the balm for just over a month and am absolutely loving it! Maddie’s skin hasn’t seen a single spot of redness or spots!

Lip Balm
Because moms need to take care of themselves too, Ben Rabbit’s lip balm is very much the same consistency as the baby bum balm, their lip balm for mum is made from all natural ingredients including beeswax, olive oil, sweet almond oil and ylang ylang with no nasties to condition your lips beautifully! I adored lathering this balm onto my lips throughout the month of May and loving the fact that I have a spoil proof plan for my Winter lip care. No more Winter cracked lips for me!

Cotton headbands
I cannot resist headbands! When I recieved Ben Rabbit’s catalogue and saw that they make cotton headbands in the most beautiful colours (dusty pink, sage, grey melange and black) – I couldn’t resist adding them onto my order! Now that Maddie is a little older – the elastic headbands are often pulled off as they are often tight around her head but the cotton stretch headbands are so lovely and perfect for Winter as they can be tied over Maddie’s ears to keep her warm. I also love the fact that they are tie headbands allowing you to tie them at the tightness you prefer as well as how you’d prefer. So beautiful for Winter!

All these products are available from Ben Rabbit directly. I have linked the details below.

Purchase info:
Email hello@benrabbit.co.za to order
@ben.rabbit on Instagram


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