What Maddie’s Wearing – Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this gorgeous set of baby PJs from Anna-Louise Sleepwear! Drool!

The places this gorgeous, vibrant print takes me!

I have been fortunate enough to call the incredibly sweet Anna Downes of Anna-Louise Sleepwear a friend for a couple of years but over the past year and a half we both became moms and through attending the same antenatal group when we were pregnant and now in the same baby stimulation classes, our little ones, Maddie and her gorgeous little boy Simon (who is just a month younger than Maddie) have been able to grow up together.

Maddie was gifted with this gorgeous set of personalised tropical printed PJs for her first birthday two months ago and we cannot get enough! They are ridiculously cute and the scream pure elegance – not something you use to seeing on a one year old. But I am sure you can agree – Maddie pulls them off with such STYLE!

This cosy pair of softly brushed flannel pyjamas is a shirt-style pyjama top finished with immaculate white piping on the collar, cuffs and breast pocket which can also be personalised like Maddie’s set, and has matching cute little curved hem lined shorts – it oozes quality! Best part is that Anna-Louise sell matching sets for mums! I think I need to get myself a pair to match Maddie Moo!

What a special gift! Thank you Anna and Simon!

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