What Maddie Loves – Tidy Tot Play Mat / Toy Bag

Maddie has just turned 15 months and boy is she busy! It feels like the past couple of months her interest in life and just about anything and everything has peaked! One of the best things about this age is their ability and interest in play. Although with play brings on the mess!

You’ll know this battle all too well if you’re an OCD mom like me! It’s the constant battle of keeping their toys tidy while breaking your back picking them up and putting them away. From the Lego to the building blocks and the entire tea set – spoons and all, they land up scattered all over the floor after a daily play in our lounge.

Thanks to the amazing people at Tidy Tot, we can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief. They have brought their amazing product to the market that is a play mat and toy bag – all in one! So no more tripping or standing on blocks or lego or spending a good deal of your evenings tidying up toys from the floor.

This innovative design is a “play mat thats a toy bag” and it truly a quick and easy solution to your little one’s toy chaos! This locally made product is made from lightweight cotton and poly-cotton fabrics and is also padded for your baby’s comfort. Best part is they have the most amazing variety of classic and chic colours and designs to choose from! I got my hands on two of the Tidy Tots – the Pink Dot which has strips on one side and dots on the other which retails for R295 apart of their ‘Chic’ range and then I got the ‘Clouds’ Tidy Tot (which I will feature on my blog soon… keep your eyes peeled!) which is apart of their ‘Exclusive’ range which also includes the ridiculously cute Miss Elle, Happy Hippo and Teddy Bear – you have to go check them out for yourself on their website!

So how does it work? As easy as:







I have found them particularly great for storing Maddie’s lego and building blogs and I recently took one of the two we have (cause we love them that much!) with us on holiday recently and it was so great!


As if you need any more reason to purchase yourself one – the Tidy Tot has two other uses – as a nappy changing station or to wash toys in… Yes the Tidy Tot is machine washable too!

Also featuring: 
Pink ruffle leggings – Tulip & Lilly
Nude pump shoes – Harry & Boo

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