What Maddie’s Wearing – Seriously Stylish Baby’s Cute Cute Hair Accessories

I cannot deny that I adore hair accessories and headbands! Maddie has a pretty impressive collection of headbands and more recently hair clips (since we have a few tuffs of hair that can be held up by a clip – hooray!).

One thing I have noticed is the vast difference in the quality of headbands and yes they can be seasonal but there are occasions that you want to splash out a little extra for a special event, function or family/baby photo shoot. Something fancy, something sparkly, something that is different and something that will turn heads and have everyone ooohing and aaahing over your cutie!

Lucky for us, local Durban mom, Ayesha Kadwa of Seriously Stylish Baby, a luxury online boutique specialising in exclusive children’s accessories for the discerning parent, has brought the well known UK based handmade hair and accessory brand Cute Cute to the local market. YAY!

Think high quality hand made accessories you can only dream of your little girl wearing! Picking up these carefully and designed items you just know that they are made to last and they almost feel one of a kind!

How lucky were we to have two of their pieces delivered to our door…

Cute Cute 5S

Maddie is wearing the beautiful marabou feather with pink grosgrain bow finished with a rhinestone. The headband is made from soft elastic and is set to fit from a newborn to teens and I am pretty sure it will last that long! What a showstopper! So classic (I paired it up with a jersey my aunt handmade Maddie – how special) I almost get the doll-like feeling from this headband.

The second item we received was a more casual, every day wear hair clip. The green grosgrain bow decorated with a rhinestone on a white snap clip. I just love how it’s so simple yet so sparkly!!

I am really looking forward to adding a whole lot of Cute Cute accessories into Maddie’s wardrobe! They really do ooze style!

Purchase info: 
Seriously Stylish Baby


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