What Maddie Loves – LaFede Threading Toy

From birth I have pretty researched every stage of Maddie’s development and like to know what the milestones she should be reaching.

We have touched on threading in our baby stimulation class so I knew that I needed to invest in a threading toy. I have been on the look out for a threading toy for Maddie for a while now and when I came across LaFede’s bear threading toy on Instagram (my favourite shopping catalog) and had to grab one for Maddie Moo.

I wasn’t surprised when I handed it to Maddie that she knew exactly what to do with it and it wasn’t long before she had threaded all the little holes.

Threading is an excellent leisure activity that promote childrens’ development in; fine motor skills (gripping the needle), visual perceptual skills (placing it in the various size holes), eye-hand coordination (getting their eyes and hands to work together) all while teaching them planning (developing their problem-solving skills). An all round great,

At just R120 for this gorgeous eco friendly plywood wood bear – it’s a steal!

Purchase info: 

Maddie’s wearing: 
Bonnet – Maddie & Moo
Halterneck and pinafore – ZARA
Leggings – Cotton On
Shoes – High tops by ShooShoos

Also featuring: 
Knot cushion in charcoal – Miniture Kids Furniture and Decor


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