What Maddie Loves – Jaq Jaq Bird & Pedi Ped

One of my favourite things about blogging and especially mommy blogging is getting to try new, fun and innovative products that is new on the market for us moms. I had the privilege of trying out two amazing products that has just landed in South Africa brought in from the US and I am so excited to share them with you…

Jaq Jaq Bird is a range of chalk art products and accessories with the goal of helping kids and parents unplug their creativity. Their range includes the award winning ButterStix chalk which is dust free and applies to the surface with the texture of a pastel. It doesn’t smudge or create dust and wipes away with water which pairs so beautifully with their amazing reusable colouring in books and placemats which complement the chalk and are perfect for travel, on the go or at home. In addition to the chalk product, the range includes a line of reusable snack pouches which are food safe, waterproof and machine washable to store and organise just about anything. They are all BPA, PVC and Pthalate free and made of food grade material and are completely safe for everyone and good for the environment (no more plastic bags!).

This bright range of fun and interactive products are made of high quality are truly unique and innovative! Here are a few of our favourite products from the Jaq Jaq Bird range…

Doodle It & Go Chalk book 
How many times do you as a mom find scrap paper (or even perfectly fine paper) for your little one’s to scribble on? I know as a new mom when we go to a restaurant they tend to give Maddie a photocopied piece of paper to colour in on and I can’t help but think of the repeatedly wasted paper. This is why I love the original, reusable Doodle Now & Go Book. This revolutionary eight page book provides a child with an endless landscape for their creative energy. Ideal for home, travel, dining out, or just about anywhere! It is available in four cute prints including Maddie’s ‘Forest’ print and it even comes with four sticks of their zero dust ButterStix.  So you won’t only be saving paper, but cleaning up afterwards will be a breeze too.

ButterStix Zero Dust Chalk
My husband is one of those people who hates the feel of the dust on chalk. He gets the shivers when he touches a piece of chalk and I on the other hand – hate the dust it creates when you draw on a board. It’s just a messy affair! Thanks to Jaq Jaq Bird thye have developed an exclusive perfect formula of Zero Dust Chalk, called ButterStix. They work and feel a bit like pastels as it glides smoothly on chalkboards as well as most-non-porous surface such as walls, plates and counter. Think no dust, no stains and no mess! Sounds like heaven for a mom to a creative child right?
Twelve ButterStix in a variety of colours come in a pack and they are completely safe for kids. Paired with the Jaq Jaq Bird Butterstix chalk holder which perfectly positions the chalk into a ‘pen like’ grip and has a magnetic feature so it’s easy to store on any magnetic wall.

Doodle It & Eat Place Mat 
Perfect mealtime time! Since receiving our Doodle It & Eat Place Mat we have been able to enjoy a meal without our bored toddler wanting to leave the table. This reversible placemat/chalkboard is perfect for restaurants, travel or at home. One side is a laminated placemat with a fun print and the other is a PVC free chalkboard. Either side can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Another bonus is that it includes four pieces of the ButterStix patented zero dust chalk.

Perfect snack pouch
I am so excited about these Perfect Snack Pouches! Sold as a set of two, these pouches are the perfect companion for keeping your snacks and sandwiches fresh. Made with food grade material, these earth friendly (no more plastic bags) are proper guilt-free bags which are dishwasher safe or machine washable and totally reusable and can we used for just about anything!

Perfect mini pouch 
The Jaq Jaq Bird Perfect Mini Pouches come as a set of three. Each bag in the set has a unique and fun print sure to excite your little one! These little bags are the perfect way to organise your nappy bag and your life. Use them to store your toys, cosmetics, mone and snacks! They are water and stain proof and machine Washable! YAY!

16 July 28S

Perfect wet pouch bag in seaglass
I cannot tell you how many times I have had dirty or wet clothes of Maddie’s that I have no idea where to put or what to put it in! This is one bag I am most excited about! Our Saturday morning trip to swimming is going to be an easier one thanks to the Jaq Jaq Bird’s Perfect Wet Pouch. This versatile leak and sweat proof bag is wick and water proof can can be use for swimming, cloth nappies or traveling and literally anything can be thrown in it wet or dry! The Perfect Wet Pouch is lightweight and durable and easy to clean: machine washable (and it won’t shrink), waterproof, easy wipe, dries quickly, stain resistant, odour resistant and doesn’t wick.

16 July 27S

A new brand of shoes also landed on our door step last week that we have never heard of called Pediped. This infant and child footwear brand is the only brand endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association as being good for developing feet. The shoes are stylish, high quality and technically developed to facilitate the different stages of learning to walk and then for competent walkers as they grow. From ‘First Steps Originals’ for infants and children learning how to walk with soft, flexible soles so that they can feel and grip the floor. And then onto Maddie’s stage of walking the ‘Next Steps Grip n Go’ which is the perfect Pediped for the active toddler as it has soft rubber soles and rounded edges that mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot and provides comfort and protection as a child transitions from early walking to a more confident stride. Stage three is the ‘Big Steps Flex’ which is for the confident walkers with flexible rubber soles.

Coined as the shoe that is the ‘next best thing to bare feet’ Pediped’s are loved by celebrities in the US for their bright and fun fashionable look, they are a great option for parents concerned about the long term health of their child’s feet. The quality is really astoundingly good and made to be walked in without looking worn! I am truly impressed at their state after Maddie spending a good day of adventuring and playing in her pair…

I simply adore the cute playful look of a sneaker with the cute shoe laces (which Maddie cannot tug at and pull out as they are fixed) with a velcro strap that ensures these babies won’t fall off!

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