What Maddie’s Reading – Pat-a-Cake Clap Hands

Pan Macmillan South Africa put together a bundle of their new range of touch and feel books by Pat-a-Cake and I couldn’t be more excited to share my review of these lovely additions to Maddie’s bookshelf.

The ‘Clap hands’ collection comes in six different books in the series and we were lucky enough to be sent four of the books from the collection for Maddie to ‘touch and feel’ and for me to read to her, including; Here comes the monkeys, Here comes the dinosaurs, Here comes the Kittens and Here comes the puppies.


These playful touch-and-feel board book are fun and full of energy and colour and feature plenty of fun and interactive new friends!  What I loved most about the books is the fact that they have ‘question’ prompts in to help parents who aren’t sure how to read with very young children. I remember the early days of when I started to read with Maddie and thinking to myself – ‘Gosh what do I say to her?’.

There are four pages in each book and each page has a different looking monkey, dinosaur, kitten or dog according to the theme of the book, each with a unique texture to either their tale, tummy, ears or foot amongst others.

Each page has four lines such as:

“Look! Here’s Monty. What is he doing today?” and then “Let’s clap hands. What a clever monkey” with a speech bubble helping parents explain the texture to their toddler such as “His ear is so furry!”

As a mom to a 17-month-old I have found it to be extremely difficult to keep Maddie’s attention when reading to her but this Pat-a-Cake’s collection is ideal for busy toddlers as the fun textures to touch and feel keeps them intrigued at the turn of each page.

The fifth page of each book features a surprise fold-out page which has a variety of different looking monkeys which encourages Maddie to spot them, count them, watch them and choose her favourite.

These books are a huge hit with Maddie and I can highly recommend them for your toddlers to carry around and learn through touch and feel, even I have had fun feeling the diffent fuzzy, furry, rough and fluffy surfaces in each book. So clever!

Available at all leading book stores
For more information visit panmacmillan.co.za

Maddie is wearing a cream polka dot t-shirt from Wisdom & Faith (wisdomandfaithinfo@gmail.com), black romper from Maddon & Cole and Mary Jane shoes from Whoopsie Daisy.


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