What Maddie Loves – Smarticle Green Toys

If I told you these toys were made out of recycled milk cartons in the US would you believe me?

When I spotted the Green Toys on Smarticle Educational Toy’s website I was sold! How novel and unique!

If you haven’t come across Smarticle yet – have a look at their website. Owned by a mom of two who herself found herself in search of really good toys – the kind that outlive “I’m bored” – the heirlooms built to last and started Smarticle. A small yet thoughtfully curated collection of unique, good quality toys sourced from around the world that would take kids on an imaginary journey of discovery!

I just love her story and couldn’t wait to evoke this in my little Maddie’s mind from a young age. So I headed over to their website and found these two awesome foodie themed toys for Maddie and I am blown away at not only the quality and packaging of these products but what fun they are for Maddie!

19 September 11S

Sandwich shop: 

This Green Toys Sandwich Shop aims to bring out the young chefs in toddlers through their imagination. This 15-piece, stackable, mix-and-match play food set comes with all the fixings to create two complete sandwiches. What amazed me about the set the most is how realistic each part is! From onions to lettuce and patties they are made in the USA from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic milk containers which save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


This toys adds an element of fun into the understanding and learning about food through identifying the components of their food while encouraging me to help educate Maddie on the healthy components of food.

Maddie has loved stacking the little elements on top of each other to create her sandwich and has even tried nibbling on the pieces – they look that realistic! It is a great toy for the imagination and to work on her fine motor skills.

19 September 6S

The set includes two bread slices, bun top and bottom, burger patty, fillet, two cheese slices, lettuce leaf, tomato, two sets of onions, one red pepper, one set of pickles, and when Maddie’s a little older – I can totally see her using the little note pad which comes with the set to take orders, create sandwiches and serve her ‘guests’.


Pizza Parlour

Who doesn’t love a good pizza! This colourful 27-piece set features four slices that can be stacked with toppings much like the Sandwich Shop set.

The set includes 4 pizza crusts, 20 pizza toppings (4 sauce, 4 cheese, 4 sets pepperoni, 2 sets mushrooms, 2 sets onions, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 red tomato, and 1 green tomato), pizza cutter, Pizza Parlor order forms, and pizza “delivery” box.


Maddie enjoyed playing pretend chef creating custom pizzas the most with this set probably because it is flat and doesn’t stack as high as the Sandwich Shop does.



The toys are BPA, PVC, phthalates, and external coating free and they meets FDA food contact standards. Plus they are 100% dishwasher safe!

A noteworthy feature of these pieces are that they are interchangeable with other Green Toys stacking play food products!

I highly recommend adding one or both of these awesome play play food sets to your child’s toy box! They are quality toys which have the capabilities to really get your child’s imagination going for hours.



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