Heritage Day with Riversmead Chicken

To me Heritage Day means one of two things, celebrating being a South African and BRAAI DAY! Every year we light up in celebration of our South African heritage and feast on proper braai vleis!

This year we were lucky enough to receive a drop off of a variety of Riversmead Chicken, a local KZN chicken farm down the South Coast. Their chicken is strictly grain fed (no animal byproducts), no added hormones, and the farm follows sustainable green farming practices. In our package we received; an espetada thigh, a tray of kebabs, a spatchcock chicken and a tray of chicken cocktail sausages. Let’s just say we were ready to feast!

I am pretty fussy when I come to purchasing meat. For health reasons I like to make sure I know when it has come from and how it has been farmed. Before agreeing to light up the fire and cook up the chicken from Riversmead, I did a little reading and I thought I’d share a few facts about the locally farmed chicken:


– It has been locally farmed off the South Coast on a family owned farm meaning the meat has never been pre-frozen like imported product. #LocalisLekker right?
– It is 100% Grain fed chicken with absolutely no animal by-products and no added hormones.
– The chickens have room to spread their wings and are raised with constant fresh air and a full days sunlight.
– Their farming practices are as sustainable and green where possible
– They have strict quality standards and would not sell anything that they would not feed to their own children.
– And most importantly – they are a proudly LOCAL farm!

So how did the meat taste? Well my husband, Brett absolutely loves braaing chicken on a braai. We so often do boere and steaks that it was nice to do something different this Braai Day and try Riversmead’s range of chicken.

It braaied beautifully and when cooked it maintained it’s promising flavour advertised on the packaging. I loved the chicken cocktail sausages – they were a great little starter to wet our appetites. The chicken thighs on a skewer was based in a prego basting which was mouth watering and crisped up the skin which was delicious! The spatchcock chicken was Brett and Maddie’s favourite. I mean doesn’t this picture say a thousand words? The meat was super tender and flavourful. This would definately be something we’d purchase again.

The sweet and spicy kebabs were my personal favourite. I love a bit of zing on my food and they were nice and spicy and so flavourful!

All in all – we loved our Heritage Day braai with Riversmead Farm’s 100% South African chicken and now that we have been so brilliantly introduced to the brand – we are definitely going to cook more of their chicken on our braais as well as in our oven for our weekly dinners.


Riversmead Chicken is available from Pick n Pay, Spar and Food Lovers stores around KwaZulu-Natal.

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