What Maddie’s Wearing – ShooShoos Spring 2017 Collection

There are few things in this world that I love more than baby shoes! Ah it is my absolute weakness! It’s probably because they are damn little and oh-so-cute on little Maddie’s feet.


Shoos or shoo shoos as she calls them is one of her favourite words too. She generally hates having to lie or sit on her changing station and has the occasional meltdown (you know, as they do) and I can say “Come let’s put your shoes on” and she will instantly calm down and grab a shoe in attempt to put them on. So I think she loves shoes as much as I love buying them for her.


This was one Spring drop I was super excited about. Shooshoos Spring 2017 collection! So here are four of my favourite picks from their colourful and neutral palate of their soft sole baby shoes…

Oh lady bugs! Need I say more? I love how the red, black and red compliment each other in this pair of genuine leather Shooshoos. Such a fun and playful addition to Maddie’s shoe collection.


Here for good
I have loved this print on Maddie’s pair of high tops which I previously featured (here) and was super excited to see that ShooShoos brought this print back into their Spring collection on these pull ons. The flower is just too sweet!

This has to be my favourite pair out of the four. Probably because it is super girly and pairs beautifully with most of Maddie’s outfits. These summer styled ballet pumps are probably going to be Maddie’s most worn pair this Summer from Shooshoos Spring collection.


A summer shoe wouldn’t be a summer shoe without butterflies and flowers right? These brilliant white Alice soft soles are the perfect neutral pair of shoes that will compliment every outfit. We all need to invest in a neutral pair that has the versalitiy to partner perfectly with any outfit.


Shop the full collection at shooshoos.com/english_za


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