What Maddie Loves – Lulla Doll

FINALLY! I can confidently share my, or rather Maddie’s experience with the much talked about Lulla Doll. Ever since I shared a pic of me unboxing her from DuduBaba Company, the distributor of Lulla Doll in South Africa, I have received so much feedback from our readers asking questions about it. So here it is!

For those of you who have never heard about the Lulla Doll, it is basically a sleep companion for preemies, babies and toddlers which helps them sleep longer, feel better and be safe through its cotton fabric body which makes real life heartbeat and breathing soothing sounds. Clever or what, right?


Lulla’s design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness (which the lovey’ imitates to a caregiver at rest) and especially the soothing sounds of heartbeat and breathing, can improve sleep, well-being and safety.

We all know that nothing can replace loving human contact but the Lulla doll aims to be a second best when mom or dad simply cannot be there 100% of the time. Some of the positive positive effects of closeness the Lulla Doll helps with are; longer periods of uninterrupted sleep, healthier sleeping patterns, more stable heartbeat and breathing rhythm, reduces chances of apnea and SIDs and increased well-being and lowered stress.

So how does it work? As easy as pushing in the dolls chest for two or three seconds to activate or deactivate the sounds. The sound will automatically then turn off after eight hours. The doll can be placed with or near the child to give a feeling of closeness and comfort and help the child fall asleep as well as stay asleep.


The doll can be introduced at any age and Lulla Doll provide you with an informative pamphlet on how to introduce the doll at any stage of your baby or toddlers life. They do advise for you to wear Lulla close to your skin so that she can absorb your scent and smell just like you to give your child the added feeling of comfort and safety.

Maddie was 18 months when I introduced Lulla to her (she’s now 19 months – we have been testing it out for this review for a month) and I was very hesitant thinking she was a little too old for it but she has always loved her ‘lovies’ like her cuddle blankets and her bunnies so naturally I thought she’d easily take to Lulla.

I introduced her into her day time play as her ‘baby’ which she happily bottle fed and pushed around in her pram before I put it to bed with her for her bedtime story and switched on the sounds which didn’t seem to bother her at all. Maddie quickly and effortlessly bonded with the doll and has been cuddling with her ever since.

Maddie has always been a little restless in the early hours of the morning between five and six and since using Lulla she has slept right through until 6.30 with minimal or no fuss. She is more content and self soothes a lot easier when she is having a little tantrum by holding and putting her lips near Lulla’s head. It has been a huge investment into her well being and overall calmness.


I would personally recommend this purchase to anyone who not only has sleep problems with their babies and toddlers but for those who have particularly temperamental kids who often find themselves struggling to convey their emotions. Lulla comes everywhere with us now!

One of the things I found so fascinating is how the doll seemed quieter during daylight hours and louder during night time hours.

The sound box in Lulla’s belly takes two AAA batteries and they didn’t last us very long – a week or two of constant use – Maddie took to it very well so we have invested in rechargeable batteries to keep Lulla ‘alive’ for Maddie which is a lot more cost effective and better for the environment.

The Lulla Doll also comes in an adorable little printed string bag for storage or transportation and is machine washable provided the soundbox is taken out.

A product that is definitely on my must haves for 2017…


Sleepyhead Grand pod in MOD POD


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