It’s my favourite time of the month! My Pan McMillan children’s book review. If you’ve been following my blog posts over the last couple of months you would have noticed that Maddie gets sent a box of the coolest new books from the Pan McMillan publishing house for us to review.

This month was a goodie and we cannot wait to share our favourite picks of the cutest books on the market at the moment.

 Blue Chameleon & Matilda’s Cat by Emily Gravett 


These two additions to Maddie’s bookshelf are such sweet short stories! If your child is anything like mine and constantly wants to be the one holding the book and turning the pages, then these books are winners! The pages are made of thick cardboard so no tearing or ripping can be done to the beautiful pages and each page has only a couple of words so that busy body cannot turn the page without you finishing reading the page. The story of Matilda’s cat was my favourite and I just adore the fun illustrations.

The Blue Chameleon is such a great educational read to teach little ones colours and shapes. From bananas to socks, Maddie adored the fun pics and of course all the different colours mom enthusiastically called out.

Busy Boats and Busy Funfair


If you read last months book review you would have read about these awesome push, pull and slide books from Campbell Books. (if you missed the review click here). These awesome interactive toddler books are awesome books to involve your toddler in the different scenes. Each sturdy page has a push, pull or slide scene which brings the busy funfair or boats to life! From log fumes and rollercoasters to hoisting the sails and catching tasty fish – these ‘busy’ titles are a firm favourite with Maddie.

It also amazes me how Maddie knows exactly what to do with each fun, colourful and busy page! Highly recommended at your next bookstore visit!

WOW it’s night time by Tim Hopgood


A lovely book to introduce the wonders of night time and learn to count to 10 with the creator of WOW said the owl, another awesome children’s title. This vivid illustration of dark blues, purples, browns and blacks are complimented with engaging text and rhymes.


Maddie loved pointing out the owls, bats and clouds when I read her this story as well as pointing to each animal and object as I counted each of them out. A great read with plenty to see!

Favourite Stories read by Floella Benjamin


This little CD hasn’t left my car since receiving it. It has been a lifesaver in the car for Maddie during long (and short) trips in the car. The CD is apart of the Campbell Books collection and includes 10 of the classic timeless fairy tales with fun sound effects and music to listen to over and over again. Honestly fun for the whole family, the books including; Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Pinocchio and other favourites are read by the super engaging the amazing narrator Floella Benjamin who honestly captivates her listener so well. This is such a great ‘audio book’ for the kids while they play or in the car.


Available at all leading book stores.
For more information visit panmacmillan.co.za

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