What Maddie Loves – Live Print Santa Sacks featuring Byroeline&co

I am a Christmas person through and through! I am that person who will pull out the Boney M CD and belt out the Christmas songs come 1 December. I don’t know what it is about Christmas but there is just happiness in the air! From the buzz at shopping centres to the friends and family get togethers around the pool with that watermelon floating in the pool.

Our saviour Jesus Christ was born on this day and its such a special time to celebrate the man who saved my life and blessed my life so abundantly. At the same time Christmas is a hard time for me. It is around the time memories of my late mom creep in and it was the time I witnessed my mom dying. I miss her so incredibly much over this time of the year. Growing up – I had a small family and once she died my family went their own ways with their own little families and I always longed for starting new traditions with my own little family one day and celebrating this day full heartedly with the ones I called my own.

Last Christmas was our first Christmas with Maddie and it was nothing short of amazing! She was just nine months at Christmas last year and this year she will be 21 months and I just know that it is only going to get better and better the older she gets and the more she can understand about Christmas.

So when a special delivery came for Maddie from the amazing guys at LivePRINT (who also did this amazing photo book for us last year – read it here!) the Christmas excitement kicked in! Paired with another amazing delivery from the very talented and soon-to-be mama, Roeline of Byroeline&co with their absolutely BEAUTIFUL Christmas linen string top and bloomers (we featured their linen string top and bloomers recently – read it here) and today I am super excited to share these two Christmas MUST HAVES with you!

LivePRINT’s custom Christmas sack
You will know that I am a sucker for anything personalised and this gorgeous little (not so little) Christmas sack was just up my ally! Made from a good quality fabric with a draw string closure, LivePRINT’s Christmas stocking is just the sweetest little addition to any little boy or girl’s Christmas experience.

Available in five unique designs, the handmade Christmas sacks come with a beautiful customised, foiled certificate from Santa and is beautifully packaged in a little tube – such a special little gift and a total steal at R229 a sack! I cannot wait to fill Maddie’s up this Christmas!


Byroeline&co’s Christmas linen string top and bloomers
As much as I love the seriously cheesy Christmas clothing items on the market (and yes I will probably order them) I LOVE Byroeline&co’s classic take on a Christmas outfit. I adore these bloomers – they are such a beautiful fit and are so versatile as well as the look and feel of this string linen top so I was super excited to see Roeline bring out another range in these designs. I LOVE the colours and the print on the linen top and the best part is that they can be worn after Christmas, unlike the seasonal Christmas outfits which will only fit for that Christmas and can’t be worn afterwards.

Custom Santa Sack avaiable from LivePRINT – liveprint.co.za/47-christmas
String linen top and high waisted bloomers – Byroeline&co – byroeline.co.za

Shoes – Whoopsie Daisy | @whoopsiedaisyct | info@whoopsie-daisy.co.za | http://www.whoopsie-daisy.co.za
Green hair clip – Cute Cute accessories available from Seriously Stylish Baby | www.facebook.com/seriouslystylishbabysa
Teepee – Totem Teepee
Star night light – MRPHome


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