MRP Home Summer 2017 Stationery & Gifting

I am really starting to enjoy my seasonally drop offs from the amazing team at MRP Home. I am such a HUGE fan of their stores so it is a huge honour to be on their media list to exclusively get to see, feel and test out their new range of stationery and gifting. And let me tell you – this season you are in for a treat!

With the silly season having officially arrived, it is safe to say that MRP Home take the silly season seriously! They put together a parcel to show me just that!

From stocking fillers to teachers’ gifts and showing some love to that friend who is obsessed with stationery and lets not forget getting on top of that stationery list before those dreaded ads start playing on 1 January. Yes we get the point!

From shiny and sparkly, to playful and cheerful – these goodies are going to make your day. This is your warning – DON”T MISS OUT on the fun, fantastic and always well priced range of stationery and novelty gifting in 21 of the MRP Home stores nationwide and for those of you who are shopping online this festive season to avoid the queues and chaos then it’s available online too! 

FEAST YOUR EYES and get out your shopping list:

Donut stickers
I love these 3D donut stickers! They are definitely going to be used in my scrapbook this year. Sold in a pack of nine, these stickers are so fun and can add such a cute element to cards and gifting, not only this festive season but beyond. Each sticker is unique and are glossy and embossed which is so sweet!
Retail price: R49, 99.

Donut notepad and pen
We all know someone who is obsessed with donuts right? Well this one is for him/ her! The perfect sized handbag notepad and such a great novelty item! I am dying over this sweet little number! I just love this pen and how totally realistic it looks. Sprinkles and all! Such a great addition to the donut note pad!
Retail price: R49, 99 each.

Donut sprinkles keyring
Very similar to the donut pen, it’s safe to say this is my new favourite keyring!
Retail price: R49, 99.



Sweet sorbet candles 
If only I could share the smell of this product in this blog post. I cannot describe how beautifully these sweet sorbet candles smell. They scream ‘light me up’ and literally scent a whole room while burning and beyond. The price of these candles is such a steal – super affordable and these are definitely on my shopping list for gifts this Christmas. I tend to always buy people gifts that I would personally enjoy and these candles are definitely something I would LOVE to unwrap on Christmas. They are available in a blueberry and vanilla fragrance (mint) and strawberry and vanilla fragrances (pink), they are so gorgeous and the perfect addition to my bath ‘me’ time.
Retail: R59, 99 each.

Cupcake fizz bombs
I loved the fizz bombs MRP Home added to my media box last season (read the post here) so I was so excited to see another set of fizz bombs in this box. I LOVE a good bath and enjoy lying down for a good 20 to 30 minutes in a bath with candles and either scented bubble bath, essential oils or fizz bombs so these are the perfect gift for my Christmas stocking. So easy to use, just drop the fizz bomb into a fully drawn warm bath, soak and enjoy! They left my skin feeling great and are the perfect addition to the beautiful sorbet candles!
Retail price: R59, 99.



Book bag
Okay I am dying over this print which has been designed and produced exclusively for MRP Home – so expect to see a lot of it this Summer. I really home the guys at MRP bring out this print in their clothing this Summer too (hint, hint!).
I absolutely love the blossom book bag! It totally reminds me of my school days. Since receiving this drop off I have been carrying around my work books and documents and I tell you – it has been such a great little bag. I am really happy that I received this in a drop off as I would never have thought to have bought it for this purpose. It has truly been a lifesaver!
Retail price: R139, 99

Again – the beautiful floral print with a bold font ‘my notes’ on the front, this A4 note book pairs so beautifully with the notebook and a steal at R180 for the pair for a gift this festive season!
Retail price: R39, 99.



Note pads
Who doesn’t love note pads? I am a sucker for a pretty note pad and when I saw this beautiful pastel pack of three notepads – I squealed with excitement! These 64 page note books are each unique in design; one has ruled pages, the other has dot lined pages and one is blank – literally a book for every need. I just adore the sayings as well as the gold font – oh so stylish!
Retail price: R79, 99 for the pack of three.

Bull clips
I am OBSESSED with these bull clips! They are super handy for work, play and crafting and are oh so pretty! I just love the colours and how sturdy they are. These won’t break easily – that’s for sure. I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced they were too!
Retail price: R49, 99 for the pack of three.

Bookmark labels 
I cannot tell you how many times I shove bits of paper I find lying around into books, magazines and my note books to save my spot. What I love most about these cute and colourful bookmark labels is the fact that they also serve as sticky note pads and can easily be stuck and removed off a page effortlessly – not damaging the page. I will definitely be using these round pastel coloured labels over the next couple of months for all things that land on my desk as well as creatively in my scrapbooking and card making!
Retail price: R19, 99.

Cupcake pen
Who doesn’t love a novelty pen to spruce up their desk! Such a sweet addition to a note bad gift this festive season!
Retail price: R49, 99.

Lolli eraser 
I had to do a double take when I read the label, I still cannot believe that these aren’t real lollies! They look so realistic! Let’s see how many stationery obsessed friends we can fool this festive season by adding these ‘sweet’ lolli erasers to their Christmas stockings.
Retail price: R29, 99.




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3 thoughts on “MRP Home Summer 2017 Stationery & Gifting

  1. Love Mr. PRICE goodies, especially for parties, you can find a variety of goodies for young girls to teenagers. I particularly like the emory boards in the ‘matches’ packaging and tear jerker tissues, and puff pom pom pens and key rings😊😊😊😊😊


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