What Maddie (and mom) loves – BB Square including a recipe

Those who know me know that I am no cook, my husband does all the cooking in our household. Baking and sweet treats on the other hand is something I love doing!

When I received an awesome little drop off from BB Bakeries of their newly launched BB Square with a card asking me if I was up for the challenge – I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen with Maddie and make something yummy.

If you haven’t come across BB Bakeries BB Squares yet – do yourself a favour and go find them in the bread isle at your grocery shop. They are wheat-based and are set to invigorate your lunch time meal and revolutionise the lunchbox.

I personally don’t eat a lot of bread – I find sandwiches really boring but I do pack my husband’s lunch box everyday (yes, it’s one thing I won’t budge on – keeping the romance alive and all HAHA) and I often think to myself – how can I change it up and surprise Brett with something new and yummy!

What I love about the new BB Squares is their versalitiy! You can prepare the soft and tasty bread in a variety of ways. Top it with apple and syrup for french toast, fill it with feta and mushroom for a sandwich or even toast it and make a rib cheese burger!

They are the perfect size and shape for holding fillings and fitting into lunch boxes and each BB Square is pre-sliced for total convenience! I am LOVING these awesome new additions to our grocery basket these days!

Gone are the days of repetitive cringe worthy cheese and ham, or peanut butter and jam sandwiches! Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, there’s a square combination to suit everyone’s liking.

So inside my media drop off from BB Squares was a packet of BB Squares, a packet of marshmallows and a packet of coconut, as well as my absolute favourite indulgence – a jar of Nutella! With the challenge of trying something new with my Maddie and sharing our #BBSquares on my social media platforms as part of the #BBSquareOff… well here it is…

Maddie and Moms Nutella mallow coco toastie… 


What you will need: 
A pack of BB Squares
A jar of Nutella
A packet of marshmallows
A cup of coconut

A toaster
A microwave

Toast the two sizes of your BB Squares
Melt four to five marshmallows in a bowl for 10 seconds
Spread the Nutella on one half of the BB Squares
On the other side spread marshmallows

Sprinkle coconut on the Nutella side of the bread
Put the two halves together, cut and enjoy!


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