1608 Beauty on Demand review

I love being pampered, massages, beautiful silky soft feet and colourful fingers. Since becoming a mom I hardly find the time to indulge in some much needed pampering and beauty treatments. Besides my monthly gel nails and my waxes – I don’t have any other time to indulge and squeeze in a good hour or two to sit at a salon.

I can’t be the only mom who wishes that I could be massaged, get a pedi or get my nails done in the comfort of my own home right? If I could place my order via a menu every night and go to sleep and wake up with relaxed muscles and beautiful new nails – I would die at the opportunity!

I was contacted by 1608 Beauty on Demand, a brand new pop-up spa that wait for it, comes to your home! YES! The best way I can describe their pop up spa, is somewhat like a beauty “Uber” service, where you ‘order’ your treatments and they deliver the beauty treatments to you!

I was asked to review a home visit by owner and founder Yaseera Kamdar and her team and I couldn’t have been more excited to be pampered in the comfort of my own home.

When they promised to do a full pedicure in under an hour including setting up and breaking down – they weren’t lying. With Maddie asleep upstairs and a string of emails I needed to sit and get through, I knew that I literally only had an hour to ‘get the job done’ – operation soft heels and a new coat of paint on my toes…

My therapist was super friendly and set up in my home bringing with her all that she needed to ensure that I was comfortable and received an excellent treatment.

Using some of the best products on the market, 1608 Beauty on Demand use OPI colours and the beautiful range of Milk & Honey exfoliators and creams for their pedicures. Who knew my lounge could so easily be converted into a home spa?


It was such an amazing feeling knowing that I was home, with my child sleeping upstairs, I was getting work done and at the same time indulging in treatments I so desperately needed and couldn’t find time to squeeze in. No mom guilt here – that’s for sure!


When my therapist left – it as if she wasn’t even in my home – all that was left was soft heels and pretty pink toes. No mess, no fuss!

1608 Beauty on Demand also specialise in corporate wellness day packages, in-office treatments, pamper parties, kids spa parties, weddings, hospital visits and of course home visits. They have launched today, 1 December and I am 100% certain you’ll love the service offered in and around Umhlanga for those days when you just cannot leave the house!


Their treatment menu includes manicures and pedicures, gel application, make up and hair, massages, waxing and threading as well as treatments for the men.

I will definitely be calling on the team at 1608 Beauty on Demand again when life seems manic and I struggle to find a moment to myself. I throughly enjoyed the treatment and would highly recommend it to any working or stay at home mom who just cannot leave the house!

Keep an eye on my social media pages – I will be launching a competition early next week giving you the chance to win a pamper party for you and two friends in the comfort of your own home! 

081 038 5634

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is sponsored by Beauty on Demand although all views and opinions are my own.


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