What Maddie’s Reading – Elf’s First Adventure

This little drop off from our friends at Lily & Grace could not have come at a better time! Just in time for 1 December.

My husband Brett reads to Maddie every night after putting her in her cot. It soothes her and she loves spending the five to 10 minutes with her dad. The laughs and expressions that come out of her room melt my heart!

Brett was super excited to start reading Maddie a Christmas book and honestly Elf’s First Adventure by Sarah Greenwell is just the most divine little book to introduce to any baby, toddler or child who loves hearing stories or looking at pictures in a book.

The title (which was inspired by the award winning Elf for Christmas) stars an elf for Christmas and takes its readers on a journey with everyone’s favourite elf for his magical adventure. After helping Santa prepare for Christmas, Elf decides to have a little adventure of his own. After leaving the North Pole, Elf flies through the night sky until he finds a little boy and girl who just cannot wait to welcome him into their home.

Without giving too much away for mom and dad, Elf’s First Adventure is a beautiful story of spreading Christmas fun, magic and kindness!

The book is beautifully illustrated and is an easy effortless read that really aims in captivating the little ears who read or hear it. I highly recommend this read in your child’s Christmas stocking or in their Christmas Eve box.


Brett and Maddie are wearing Christmas tees from Lucky Little | luckylittle.co.za/
Maddie is wearing a denim fabric bow clip by Hello Poppet Clothing | hello@hellopoppet.co.za
Personalised Christmas sack by Live Print | liveprint.co.za


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