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I am back after a month break from blogging on this platform. After a crazy busy 2017, I needed a month to focus on my vision for this year and I am so excited to be sitting in front of my computer writing one of my favourite monthly posts… my Pan MacMillan children’s book review! I think its a goodie to start my 2018 blogging with…

Every time this parcel is delivered to my house, Maddie knows EXACTLY what it is and cannot wait to rip it open to see what books are inside for her. She is such a bookworm and I love the fact that she’d choose a book over a doll. Books are truly an endless source of information, fun and it is where imagination starts and never ends!

This month was a goodie! I was super excited to see one of my all time favourite children’s author apart of the mix! Yes you’ve guessed it… Julia Donaldson, and it is such a special one – her special 25 year anniversary edition with bonus material! Also apart of the bag was two of the First Explorers push, pull and slide books – I am obsessed with these books! So here’s what we thought of these beauties…

A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson – Special anniversary edition 
I discovered Julia Donaldson by a complete chance when friend gave Maddie a pile of old books. I instantly fell in love with her style of writing and so did Maddie! As a nine or 10 month old, she would laugh at me every time I finished reading a page. It wasn’t long before we went out and bought the box set for Maddie!

It is so special owning the 25th anniversary edition of this beautiful picture book, the first book created by the bestselling, record-breaking partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler!

Not only is it the full read of A Squash and a Squeeze but it also has bonus material including a peek at the illustrator’s desk and a look at some of his early drawings. I found it totally interesting to read about how the author turned the story from a book into a stage show in this special anniversary edition. If you are a fan of their books – this is for sure a book you need to add to your collection! A pure gem!

First Explorers Wild Animals and First Explorers Brilliant Bugs 
We own a few of these push, pull and slide books and I am obsessed with them! I think they are honestly so brilliant for toddlers who are learning cause and affect. The sturdy pages are strong enough to allow them to push, pull and slide the little tabs where they are indicated to and they are beautiful and colourful enough to encourage them to spot animals and bugs and learn fun facts.


I often find Maddie asking me things about the things she sees in books and I find myself having to really think about the answer. One of the things I love about these gems is the fact that that they incorporate the facts and encourage the reader to ask their toddlers questions like ‘which big bird is on the run?’ and ‘who has three spotty cubs?’. The books also have a tab asking toddlers to spot certain animals with a little ‘cheat sheet’ of what each animal looks like, which in my opinion is great!

These First Explorers books are a great introduction to meeting lions, zebras, bees, butterflies and wiggly worms. With push and pull scenes on each page bringing the animals and creatures to life, wild animals to spot and fun facts to learn, these books are truly a magical introduction to the natural world.

There are also eight titles in the collection including Night Animals, Sea Creatures, In the Jungle, Dinosaurs, My Body and Astronauts to collect.

Available at all leading book stores.
For more information visit panmacmillan.co.za


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