What Maddie Loves – Bobums microfibre towels

When I heard these revolutionary microfibre towels folded as small as an A5 sheet of paper and took minimal space in my beach bag – I was sold! I felt like a kid at Christmas when my parcel from Bobums arrived at my door.

This newly launched brand in South Africa, is an innovative microfibre towels that are not only super compact (taking up minimal space in any packed bag or cupboard) and they are highly absorbent and fast drying!


I was super excited to test drive them at the swimming pool and on the beach last weekend and can confidently say – they are legit!

They may compress themselves into a small parcel (equipped with a nifty elastic band to keep them neatly folded) but they are massive when wrapped around your body or when lay on the ground.

The texture of the microfibre takes a little getting use to as I am use to a heavy fluffy towel but was super impressed how quickly it dried Maddie after having just got out the pool. I even packed the towel back in our beach bag and by the time I got home they were practically dry! Not to mention no unwanted beach sand stuck to the towel when we got home to unpack the towels for a quick machine wash – yup, they are completely machine washable!


On top of how compact they and their absorbency, they come in the most beautiful colours and prints! Available in various sizes including; a gym towel, a round towel or a large or extra large (ranging from R170-R260 in price) – Bobums stunning prints and colours are worth checking out! I adore the green leaves and black pattern towel we got sent and might just buy a third towel in the unicorn and rainbows print for Maddie Moo. There is a colour, style and pattern for everyone in the family (even lego for dad)! Plus they can be branded or personalised too! What a special gift idea!


I am sold and absolutely love our new towels which are most definitely replacing our big and bulky beach towels. I cannot wait to take these babies away with us on our next family holiday up to the Midlands to save a on some packing space with these guys!

Thanks Bobums!


Available on their online store bobums.co.za
@bobums.sa on Instagram

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