Being Maddie’s Mom – Adventures in the kitchen of real artisanal Italian Gelato

I honestly wish I had more time to invest whole heartedly into this platform. I feel like I have so much more to give you all but time is a huge factor. I am a full time working mama who juggles being a wife and mother along with finding a balance of creating this business, Being Maddie’s Mom.

I would love to focus on creating you content that you firstly enjoy and secondly inspires you! One of my favourite things about becoming a mom has been the adventures it has taken me on. Doing things with my daughter and essentially reliving my childhood (and often things I never got to do as a child) through my daughter’s eyes. It often leaves me in awe and super grateful for being her mommy.

I would love to share more of the fun things we get up to that I would highly recommend other moms and dads to do with their kids. Gems of a find, places you would never expect to find a small piece of magic and products we adore. If you enjoy this blog post – please let me know so that I can focus on creating content you enjoy reading and want to see more of.

Today (20 March) I took Maddie on an afternoon adventure with the Adventure Clubs App (read more about the app here) to ‘get the scoop’ at an artisanal Italian gelato shop that has newly opened in Umhlanga, opposite Gateway, called La Cremosa.

20 March 3

A group of eight moms and their tots were given a tour of their artisanal Italian gelato factory and were given the opportunity to see how various ingredients are prepared, combined and churned to fantastically frosty perfection!

The toddlers were able to sit perched on the tables (with comfy cushions and all) giving them full view of all the action. They got to taste the ingredients – a yummy fresh banana as well as mix the mixture using giant whisks before witnessing the frosty gelato literally falling out of the machine and boy did they get stuck in!

To end it off we were treated to a cup or cone of their delicious gelato and boy they have an amazing selection of flavours to choose from! There is even gluten, dairy and sugar free options to choose from!

A highly recommended adventure with Adventure Clubs. If you haven’t already downloaded the app from the App Store, get right onto it so that you can book you and your babe a spot at their next adventure to La Cremosa on 19 April.

Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored or paid for. I purchased a spot for my daughter and I to attend this adventure so my experience is in noway influenced.


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