Six moms, 60 minutes and an escape room…

My recent monthly moms night out with a couple of moms from school (and a few mutual friends we share) was an extra exciting one this month. I was invited to check out the awesome new escape room to hit Umhlanga called Mindgame Escape Room and thought I would invite these ladies out. We are all moms to girls who are two born (December to March) so I know these moms, like me needed some ‘me’ time and just a good clean fun night out!

If you have never heard of an ‘escape room’, let me set the scene for you… we are detectives and together my team and I are taken on an adventurer where we have to gather clues, solve puzzles, combine information, decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms. The success of our escape can only be achieved by working together, and combining our brainpower to stay calm and profit from each other’s strengths while the clock is ticking. We have 60 minutes to escape… but did we escape in time?


Set in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the Umhlanga Village, Mindgame Escape Room is located on the second floor of Granada Square in a modern office type environment kitted out with two escape rooms to choose from including Houdini’s Basement Escape and the room my friends and I tackled, Sherlock Holmes Baker Street.

We were warmly greeted when arriving and asked to lock away our belongings before being seated to watch the ‘rules and how to do’s’ of the escape room. There were a few nervous giggles before we were asked to gather around the door for our game master to set the scene for us…


“Murder!  Panic! The streets aren’t safe anymore. You have been tasked with bringing down Victorian London’s most notorious gang – The Baker Street Five – and solving the ultimate murder mystery!”

A nervous giggle erupted as our group of moms as we were both excited and a little frightened at the thought of being ‘locked’ in a room for 60 minutes! We were are lead into the room and the door closed behind us, the mission was on! We had the challenge of solving a murder mystery with the objective of dismantling the notorious ‘Baker Street Five’… a high-profile gang that has been terrorising Victorian London. We need two names in order to find the key to open the door…

The four walls that surrounded us started to feel rather small but after we looked around and got a feel for what we had to work with the nerves eased and the excitement kicked in!

Carefully observing our surroundings which included locked draws, pictures, a map, books and various locked chests which could all withhold the subtlest of clues which my team and I have to correctly piece together the mystery to identify the members of the Baker Street Five before the ‘trail grows cold’.

Luckily for us our game master watched our entire game via CCTV and was able to give us one or two clues to lead us in the right direction and of course open the door if anyone of us couldn’t take the ‘pressure’.

Without giving the game away my team and I solved the mystery in the nick of time… 51:32 minutes! And boy was it 51 minutes of laughs, challenging our way of thinking and an all round great bonding session which broke barriers and allowed us to get to know each other differently. Lets just say we earned our cocktails for a post game celebratory dinner!


Mindgame Escape Room is an all round great entertaining experience that will get your hot on your toes, challenge your thinking and is honestly for anyone, whether it is a team building expedition, a date night or a family outing looking – it is a fun, out-of-the-ordinary experience that I highly recommend! I will definitely be back!

There price varies according to the size of the group (minimum two players and a maximum of six players).
2 players – R250 per person | 3 – 4 players – R225 per person | 5 – 6 players – R200 per person

DISCLAIMER: Although my friends and I were treated to the game at Mindgame Escape Room, all opinion and views on the establishment is my own and is in no way influenced.

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