Our (long) weekend in pictures

Oh how I love long weekends! There is something about enjoying four solid days as a family together that just makes the heart happy!

Last week started off badly for Maddie and I with being sick and sadly my husband caught the flu on Thursday evening, on Friday he was man down (and we all know how much worst man flu is!) so we took it some what easy on Friday.

We were invited by Krispy Kreme SA to pop into their Gateway store to pick up a dozen of their limited edition Easter themed doughnuts and their limited edition chiller. Our sweet tooth was truly satisfied over the weekend, thats for sure!

We had signed up for an Adventure Club to the animal farm earlier in the week and despite the rain all around Durban on Saturday morning, the rain held out for our adventure to Flag Animal Farm in Salt Rock. It is honestly Maddie’s favourite place! She loves animals and being outdoors. It was such a treat to be out as a family after a tough week of sickness!

Straight from the animal farm we drove back to Durban North for one of Maddie’s closest friend’s (from our antenatal group) second birthday party. We have a second birthday party every Saturday until the end of May!!

Maddie and her friend Connor had a blast and we enjoyed a braai with our friends until early evening.

On Sunday we headed to The Chocolate Garden for a delicious buffet style breakfast. They put together such a fun morning for the kids too! There was lots of fun activities for the kids including crafts, egg decorating, face painting, a visit from the Easter bunny and an egg hunt which Maddie loved!

We then fetched my mother in law and went through to the Easter Eggsplorer at the Durban Botanical Gardens which was a lot of fun and something special for granny to do with her granddaughter in the afternoon.

We used Monday as a day to relax, catch up on washing, do some grocery shopping to fill the fridge (which we had to replace over the weekend!) and cupboards. We did enjoy a good ol’ Wimpy lunch as a family, oh and we fetched a disk with all of Maddie’s birthday photos from the photographer which was very exciting!

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend!

Have a great Tuesday – yay for a short week!


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