What Maddie’s Reading – ABCs and 123s with Pan Macmillan

It is one of my favourite reviews for the month! What Maddie and I are reading! The exciting news is that Maddie is really starting to ‘read’ and refuses for me to read to her but rather me tell her what the words are so she can repeat them.


These pocket sized gems from Pan Macmillan couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The simplest little books with basic words and pictures are the best thing for Maddie at the moment in terms of learning words and associations.

Other than the fact that each one of these books cover the basics; 1, 2, 3s and a, b, c’s but also colours and opposites, I love the fact that they are small enough to pack in Maddie’s nappy bag and take with us on outings and dinner where she might need some entertainment.


The pages are hard cardboard so they cannot be torn and they are small enough for little hands to hold and to turn pages. The pictures and graphics are bold, bright and interactive.


Maddie has learnt so many different new words through reading these books with us and I highly recommend adding them to your child’s book collection to easily get them to master these pictures and words in no time!


Available at all leading book stores.
For more information visit panmacmillan.co.za


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