What Maddie Loves – Mega Bloks

We received our first box of Mega Bloks for Maddie’s second birthday a couple of weeks back (it was on Maddie’s birthday wish list incase you missed it) and we are super excited to share our thoughts on the Mega Bloks Treehouse Adventures set. It has been Maddie’s toy of choice every weekend since her party and it has been something daddy and Maddie love to do together.

The Mega Bloks Treehouse Adventures set is all about building your own treehouse adventures ‘in the backyard’ with two playful friends. Allowing Maddie the chance to  stack and swing for a busy playdate in the backyard with two adorable Mega Blok friends who fit perfectly on the bloks.

The 28-piece play set includes building blocks and special parts allowing you and / or your toddler to build a cheerful house, then use the big building blocks and special pieces to build a colourful, woodland treehouse and sit the boy or girl  ‘Block Buddy’ on the moving  swing or even allow them to use their imagination and have them climb to the top and open the window to peek out from inside!

8 April 28

My favourite feature of this Mega Bloks set is that it is truly made for little hands allowing them to build a treehouse wide or tall or mix  their blocks to build anything else they can imagine – for a new adventure each time! Once the bloks have been fitted together they aren’t difficult to pull apart which is a feature I love about the brand. Maddie can easily rearrange the bloks without mom or dad helping her!

Some of the awesome features of the set is that the treehouse and cottage are easy-to-build and has a cute woodland decoration, the swing moves and it has a window that really opens (Maddie’s favourite!), there are detailed stick on sticker decorations for the bloks, it comes with two ‘Block Buddy’ characters and it is hands-on play for early childhood development that encourages toddlers to build and rebuild in different ways.

Ideal for children between the ages of one and five-years-old, the suggested retail price of the Mega Bloks Treehouse Adventures set is R299.99 and is available at most major toy shops.

I cannot wait to add to our Mega Bloks collection cause another awesome feature is that one set can be used and combine with other Mega Bloks preschool toys and built up together.


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