Our weekend in pictures

Here’s what we got up to this weekend…

Our weekend started with an afternoon playdate with two of Maddie’s antenatal besties – Connor and Ollie. Us moms decided to meet down on the Umhlanga promenade with the kids bikes and a couple of buckets and spades for them to play in the sand. It was a lovely warm day out, catching the last of the warm sun before the weekend’s overcast weather. Maddie and the boys had a jol riding their bikes along the promenade and playing together on the beach. We then met up with dad after the playdate for dinner at Afros before putting Maddie down for the night.

Our Saturday morning started with an early morning trip up to Salt Rock for Maddie’s swimming lesson – the first one of the new term.

We then headed straight to her friend from school, Emily’s second birthday party in Mount Moreland. Maddie had a lot of fun running around the park with her school friends, playing pass the parcel and playing on the jungle gyms, including the mary-go-round.

On Saturday afternoon we headed out for some gelato as a family at Le Cremosa.


Brett let me sleep in, offering to play with Maddie until I was ready to wake up. We then headed to Gateway to have breakfast and do some grocery shopping. After Maddie’s mid morning snooze we headed to @Play at the Pearls Mall for Maddie to burn some energy before heading home for Sunday night dinner.

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend!

Have a great Monday!


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