Peppa Pig Live in Durban

Imagine my excitement when we were invited to attend the opening performance of the global superstar, Peppa Pig making her South African theatrical debut in`Peppa Pig Live in South Africa!’.

Popular amongst the family preschool set, we first introduced Maddie to the British preschool animated television series at around 16 or 17-months-old when we discovered it on Netflix. I would say only around 20 months did Peppa start becoming a TV show she frequently requested when we allowed ‘TV time’

We loved how series follows the anthropomorphic animal along with her family; daddy pig, mommy pig and her baby brother George and friends on their adventures and so did Maddie. The catchy songs and beautiful animation was a hit in our household. So when we heard that the show was coming to SA and in particular Durban we knew that Maddie would absolutely love the show!

Promising to be ‘more fun than a muddy puddle’ the entertainment phenomenon, Peppa Pig didn’t disappoint when taking to the stage.

20 April 4
The show was an action-packed rollicking show, based on the award-winning television series (and includes scenes and reenactments of past episodes we have watched almost a hundred times – and knew all the words too), giving their little fans an unforgettable first live theatre experience.

This fully immersive live musical stage show, featured all the favourite interactive sing-a-longs including the Bing Bong Song, the Rainbow Song and every child’s favourite – the Wheels on the Bus. There were plenty of laughs, cheering from the kids and dancing (with the infamous ‘magic torch’ which are available for purchase at the show) – just like Peppa!


The show is for kids of all ages and I know I have heard a lot of moms saying their toddlers are too young but in my honest opinion – the show is so captivating that the kids cannot take their eyes off the stage and it is super relaxed as their are kids everywhere, shouting, singing, jumping up and down in their seats and the show is just short enough to keep them in their seats without the fear of them getting bored. In my opinion there is no need to worry about your child not sitting still and being ‘quiet’ like you would expect in a ‘theatre show’.

We were fortunate enough to have VIP Meet & Greet tickets which are limited to only a couple of ticket holders and honestly gives you the ultimate Peppa Pig Live experience! You get the best seats in the house, exclusive access to the Peppa Pig meet & greet after the show, a photo opportunity with Peppa herself as well as her family and a special Peppa Pig Live gift which is a poster and a Peppa Pig or George plush teddy! Such a great take home!


The duration of the show is around 80 minutes with a 20 minute intermission in between the scenes. There are also some exclusive items available only at the show for purchase.

Without giving the story away of the theatre production – the show follows the story of Peppa and her family on their adventure trying to find their lost parrot ‘Polly the Parrot’ who escaped from his cage and happend to take George’s precious dinosaur along with him. Along the way on their adventures to the forest, beach and the mountains Peppa bumps into several of her friends including Pedro, Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog to name a few. Expect to be splashed by the muddy puddles, bounce around beach balls and partaking in action songs during the live performance. As Peppa Pig puts it – the show was the best game of hide and seek ever!


It was honestly one of our favourite experiences with Maddie to date! It was a one-of-a-kind stage show that I am so happy we took her too. The incredible life-sized costumed characters and amazing puppets along with the stage and props honestly brings Peppa Pig to life in a whole new way for it’s South African audiences. It left such an impression on Maddie who spent the entire car ride home from the theatre talking about Peppa, singing the songs of Peppa Pig and she went to bed holding her plush Peppa Pig!

Sadly all Durban shows are sold out so there are no tickets available for any of the shows this weekend, but for those of you who have got tickets, enjoy the show – you are in for a fantastic adventure filled with buckets of surprises and plenty of muddy puddles! Tag me in your pics so that I can see how your little ones enjoyed their experience!

– I would suggest you get to the show at least an hour before the show starts.
– There is some exclusive merchandise available only at the show for purchase. The prices ranged from R100 for the ‘magic torches’ to R650 for Peppa’s Jet play set. Other merchandise included an activity pack, plush teddies and figurine sets.
– Snacks can be purchased at the show and eating was allowed in the theatre.

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