Our weekend in pictures

There was plenty of smiles, laughs and sandy bottoms…

Brett and I both took the day off work and kept Maddie home from school to take her to Peppa Pig Live at the Playhouse in Durban. We attended the 12.30pm show so we had the morning to spend some quality time together so decided to finally go pick up Maddie’s library card which we applied for earlier this year. There was a lot of interest from my InstaStories about the library we went to. The Umhlanga Rocks library is really lovely! With Maddie’s card we are allowed to take seven books out at a time for two weeks at a time and they really had a lovely selection!

After the library we had breakfast at Vovo Telo and Maddie did some ‘baking’ – one of her favourite places!

We then headed to Peppa Pig Live – you can read my full review of our experience here!


After the show we grabbed an early dinner takeaway at Afros Chicken (our go-to for good chick everything!).

We headed up to Salt Rock for Maddie’s swimming lesson and spent the rest of the morning ‘relaxing’ around the house, getting some DIY done and entertaining our busy toddler – I have always said it is 100 percent easier to entertain them out than at home.

After Maddie’s midday snooze we had one of her antenatal / school friend James’ second birthday party. It was a lovely afternoon spent with our special friends, cuddling the new babies to the group (three of our antenatal friends have added their second babies to the mix – yay for more friends for my Maddie!) and there was a jumping castle! Enough said 🙂

We then headed back home with one of our friends who was at the party for a braai at their house. Maddie and her friend Connor had a jol and we ended off the evening with Maddie and Connor in the bath so we literally put her in bed when we got home around 8.30pm and as soon as her head hit her Sleepyhead she was in lala land!

We spent our Sunday morning doing our usual weekly grocery shop and finished off our DIY we didn’t get a chance to finish on Saturday and enjoyed a glorious midday snooze with Maddie. We then headed to the beach at around 2.30 for a splash in the waves and play in the sand. The weather was just amazing!

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend!

Have a great Monday!


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